A Review of the Vitamix S30

In the world of fast-moving technology, blenders are a segment that has received a lot of attention recently. There’s one out there for nearly everyone, with specifications down to the nth degree. Alas, don’t forget the dizzying range of accessories blenders come with. Though, in a sea full of goldfish lies one blender shaping its teeth to be a great white shark – the Vitamix S30.

How does the Vitamix S30 stack up?

Vitamix studied the market perfectly when it came up with the S30. Previously, they were titans in the prosumer and professional markets with big and bulky but powerful blenders. Now, they came to the consumer table with the relatively compact S30, designed specifically for household countertops with a footprint of only 15cm.

The features

The beauty of the S30 is that it’s delightfully simple – but incredibly well-made and reliable. Some blenders are feature-packed gizmos, resembling more of a computer than a blender – with Wi-Fi connectivity, a smartphone app and a free servant to make your smoothie. The tech-heavy blenders have more gizmos to go wrong over time, whereas Vitamix made the S30 simple yet relatively robust. This is surely the ‘trickle-down’ effect from their commercial products. In the S30 you get:

  1. 20 and 40oz containers (0.6L to 1.2L) containers. The 20oz is contoured and designed to be transported for a smoothie or soup on the go. It’s insulated and will hold heat or keep your drink colder for longer. It also comes with a sippy lid. The 40oz is large enough for a wide variety of kitchen applications, like blending soup ingredients and should see you through an array of dinners.
  2. Interchangeable blade base. This attaches for compatibility with both containers. Its removability also makes it easier to clean and maintain.
  3. 790 watt motor. Vitamix claims the motor can crush ice with ease and blend whole foods like nobody’s business.
  4. Variable speed control. No gimmicky smartphone app here – control the speed with a simple dial.
  5. Full-colour recipe book. Included in the box is a comprehensive recipe book with popular recipes you could try with your Vitamix.
  6. 7 year warranty. The S30 is built to be reliable, and it’s backed by a 7 year warranty should anything go pear-shaped.

If you’re purely looking for a ‘smart’ blender, then maybe look elsewhere. While some other blenders are more like a Toyota Prius, the Vitamix S30 is more like a reliable and sturdy Ute – doing things how they’ve always been done, just very, very well.

Vitamix S30 vs NutriBullet Rx: How do they compare?

They’re two hot commodities in the blender market, but how do they stack up? It turns out, they’re actually very different beasts, catering for different niches.

  Vitamix S30 NutriBullet Rx
Price AUD$845 AUD$449.99
Warranty Seven years One year
Power (watts) 790 1700
What’s in the box? 5 piece kit inc. recipe book 10 piece kit inc. recipe book
‘Smart’ tech? No, only a speed dial Yes
Users love Compact, easy to use, easy to clean The heat tech, automated optimal blend speeds
Users loathe The price, limited features Gaskets breaking, harder to clean

Is the Vitamix S30 worth the money?

The most standout ‘feature’ of the Vitamix S30 for a lot of potential buyers might be the price. At $795 Australian, it is at the higher end of the scale for consumer blenders. To say whether it’s worth it is a personal decision, and whether you can justify $795 or not. It takes up only a 15cm area, so you might be left wondering why it costs so much. But then, small is probably what you’re looking for from a top of the range blender.

The cost comes from the build quality, which is backed by the 7 year warranty. It doesn’t feature any techy features to malfunction and send your kitchen into a smoothie-laden mess. Instead, it comes with a speed dial front and centre, and requires you to actually be standing there – the old fashioned way. Ever been to your Grandma’s and seen that appliance that’s been operating for 30 years? We suspect that Vitamix had this dream in mind when they released the S30. And this is representative of their professional blenders too – something of which the S30 is modelled heavily after. There’s a lot more to this small package.

The Vitamix S30 is a significant investment. However, for those that have taken the plunge, we feel they will feel satisfied and justified in spending close to $800. Before taking the plunge, though, it’s important to realise that if you want a gizmo-heavy blender, then the S30 may not be for you – you can get more ‘techy’ blenders for cheaper. However, if you want a simple, robust blender to see you through the day, then you may want to assess your own needs and investigate the Vitamix S30 further.

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