How to Take Care Of Your Vacuum Cleaner

How to take care of your vacuum cleaner so it runs like a dream

A survey by Canstar Blue found that most of us hate cleaning our vacuum cleaner. In New Zealand, 72% of owners of an upright vacuum and 57% of owners of a barrel vacuum say they put off emptying the vacuum dust bag or barrel for as long as possible.

We might be shortening the lifespan of our vacuums with this lack of care for the machine itself. We take a look at the best ways to take care of your vacuum.

Step 1: Buy a quality machine

If your home is pretty big and you know your vacuum will have a lot of work to do, it pays to invest in a higher quality machine and maintain and repair it as needed.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and some brands are manufactured more cheaply so they can be sold for less. The companies sometimes even refuse to build replacement parts, forcing customers to buy a replacement when the old one breaks. This is called planned obsolescence.

Would you rather spend a couple of hundred every 5 years to replace your vacuum cleaner, or spend a bit more on a vacuum that will last you twice that long?

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Step 2: Take care of it

1.      Clean the inside:Empty the dust bag or dust cylinder after every use to avoid straining the motor and prevent bacteria and mould. For wet/dry vacuums, clean out the wet stuff from the bag/barrel before you start sucking up any dry stuff.
2.      Clean the outside:Clean the brush roll every time to prevent the brush getting clogged with hairs and straining the motor.
Keep the bearings on the brush roll lubricated.
Wipe the outside with a damp cloth before storing it away.

3.      Store it carefully:Don’t break any bits by shoving it in the cupboard.
Don’t let your cat or dog get at the vacuum hose.

4.      Protect it while in use:Put it together properly before using it for the first time.
If your kids help out with the vacuuming around the house, supervise them the first few times they use it.
Check out our space-saving storage tips for vacuum cleaners in small living spaces!
Use the right tool for the job. Your handheld can handle small jobs while your upright or barrel vacuum tackles all the big stuff.

5.      Check what’s wrong before giving up:If it’s winding down in power, check the battery, especially in handhelds.
If it’s just not sucking, try replacing the filter or the belt.
Hold onto your warranty card! Ask the dealer you bought it from to take a look before you buy a new one.


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