Tips To Make The Most Of Your Clothes Dryer

most from dryerWhen your clothes come out of the washing machine, they are 50% heavier than when they went in, because they are now saturated with water. Physicist David MacKay, author of the book Sustainable energy without the hot air, found that even after all the end-of-cycle spinning in a modern washing machine, clothes contained two whole litres of water.

Clothes Dryers: 2015 Ratings, NZ
 Clothes dryer ratings

So how can we make the most of our dryer?
Here are some simple tips.

  • Choose a model that is energy efficient. You can also visit the Energywise website to find out more about the energy efficiency of different dryers.
  • Clean out the lint filter after every load. This increases the overall efficiency of the appliance and decreases the risk of lint catching fire – a scary thought!
  • Use a high spin setting on your washing machine so that the clothes aren’t so wet when you take them out and put them in the dryer.
  • Just like with the washing machine, separate your loads into heavy and light items. Lighter clothing takes far less drying time, so drying it separately on a short cycle is a great idea.
  • Dry loads consecutively to make the most of residual heat in your dryer.
  • Keep your laundry ventilated – it will reduce humidity, and your clothes will dry faster.
  • Check your load every now and again to see if it is dry, that way you’re not running it any longer than you have to. Some newer models have moisture detection functions and will stop when there is no moisture left.
  • Putting a dry towel in with your wet load can help dry things faster. This is because the towel helps to absorb moisture in the first few spins, and then everything is a little drier when the heat hits it.
  • Get your machine serviced regularly, or upgrade your machine. It might be time to upgrade if your dryer is taking longer than an hour to dry a load; it is old, tired, and using significantly more energy.

In our most recent survey, New Zealanders rated LG highest for overall customer satisfaction. In fact, they received 5 stars in 6 of our 8 categories.

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