Who’s doing the household dish washing?

Dishwasher Responsibilities

More women than men think they’re the most efficient at loading the dishwasher in their household, with the margin split 77% to 63% in their favour according to our survey results. Additionally, more than half of the fairer sex states that no one in her house ever wants to empty the dishwasher (58%). By comparison, 43% of men agree.

In most other regards, however, both genders are in agreement when it comes to dishwasher operation. In fact, many respondents state how proficiently they run their kitchen appliance. For example, close to two thirds try to squeeze as many dishes into the load as possible, while an even more significant three in four rinse dishes before washing them.

However, some owners are becoming increasingly worried about their dishwasher’s water efficiency. Last year, 29% of respondents told us they’re concerned with how much water their dishwasher uses. This year, we can report an increase to 32%.

As a measure of efficiency, Napier.govt.nz suggests the following tips for conserving water in the kitchen:

  • Use less dishwashing liquid so you don’t have to rinse.
  • Don’t wash the dishes or scrub vegetables with the water running. Put the plug in and run some water into the sink.
  • Use vegetable scraps as garden mulch instead of wasting water flushing them through the waste disposal.

In our recent results, we asked customers to review their dishwasher purchase and for the third year running, Bosch emerged as the top rated brand. See the full results on our website.

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