How To Stack The Dishwasher Properly

Dishwashers can be an amazing time and energy saver.  However, to operate efficiently and clean your dishes well, they need to be loaded correctly.  So what can you do to stack your dishwasher properly?

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Common thought is that you need to rinse your dishes before loading them.  However, modern dishwashers are very good at cleaning scraps of food stuck to plates and the like.  As long as you scrape the leftovers off, most plates will be fine without rinsing. Do remember to clean the filter regularly though!

Plates, pots and bowls should always be placed on the bottom level of the dishwasher and angled so that the dirty surface faces the bottom, where the water comes from.  Make sure to leave adequate of space between each item – if they’re covering each other then they won’t be cleaned properly.

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Glasses, mugs and cups should go on the top, facing down.  The same is true for any item made of plastic.  The water in dishwashers is very hot, and it can warp or even melt plastic containers.

Cutlery should be placed with the handles down and the business end facing up.   This allows the water to wash over them better.  Also take care to mix different types of cutlery together and not place all the spoons, for example, in the same container.  Doing so may allow the cutlery to stack on top of each other and limit the effectiveness of the dishwasher.

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Finally, don’t overload a dishwasher.  As tempting as it may be to do everything in one big lot, if you cram your dishwasher full you will make it harder for it to clean properly and will likely require another cycle.

By following these tips you should be able to ensure that your dishes always come out clean and shiny with a minimum of exertion.

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