Turning Down The Heater To Turn Up On Savings

Cost of heating houseMany Kiwi households may be layering up the winter woollies this season or shivering under their doonas in an attempt to keep the energy bill under control.

That’s the upshot of Canstar Blue’s research of 856 New Zealand adults which shows that more than half (54%) have turned off their heat pump in order to save money. In terms of demographic, penny-pinching Gen Y were most likely to sacrifice personal comfort, with 72% prepared to shut off the heat. That compared to just 39% of (presumably more affluent) Baby Boomers.

Geographically, Aucklanders were most likely to turn off their heat pump (69%) – although % of Auklanders also admitted that their health has improved since installing a heat pump. Only 42% of those living in Canterbury had turned off their heat pump to save money; 78% of respondents in Canterbury said that a heat pump is now a must-have in any home they live in!



1 in 4 Kiwis can’t afford to heat their homes

The cost of power bills is always a concern, of course, but some alternatives to switching off the heat pump may be:

  1. Keep you heat pump well maintained. A well-maintained appliance is an efficient appliance, so ensure that you get your heat pump serviced regularly, as well as keeping the filters clean.
  2. Turn down the thermostat. Every extra degree of heating adds to your power bill, so turn the thermostat down rather than off and wear and extra layer of clothing.
  3. Reduce the space being heated. Open or uncurtained windows, drafty corridors and large living spaces make it more difficult for your heat pump to do its job, so reduce the amount of space being heated to reduce your power bills.
  4. Cut back on other appliances instead. Do you really need to use the clothes dryer? Could you take a shorter shower? DO you turn off the lights in rooms not being used? There are plenty of other ways – apart from cutting off the heart – to keep your power bill under control.

The good news is that plenty of us are making our home heating efficient, with 82% of survey respondents saying that their house is insulated. And it’s only … how many more months?? … until summer…

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