5 Ways For Keeping The House Cool

open windowWe’re heading into the warmer months and while many of us worry about the heating bill for much of the year,  keeping your house as naturally cool as possible is a must in summer.

There are plenty of easy and environmentally-friendly solutions that both builders and renovators can adopt to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. For example:

Get Insulated

The majority of heat in a home is transferred through the roof, so roof insulation and wall insulation can be one of the most important components in keeping your house cool, acting as a barrier to resist the transfer of heat into the building.”

Shade Walls and Openings

Well-designed eaves and window hoods provide shading to walls and glazing in summer, whilst allowing sun to penetrate openings for heating in winter. It also means the rain isn’t as likely to beat directly onto your windows and doors!

Open the House from Front to Back

Generous openings throughout the house provide passive cooling through cross ventilation. Cross ventilation can more effectively exchange hot air inside the home with cooler air from outside. Breezes can also help to cool the body through evaporative perspiration.

Install a Pond

Interestingly, the use of ponds, pools and water features around the home can help cool the house.  Much like evaporative coolers, evaporating water absorbs heat from the air, cooling it before it enters the home.

Plant Trees

The use of plants around the home can help with cooling. Plants can be used to provide shade to walls and openings and the use of garden beds instead of paving reduces reflected sunlight. Planting large trees to the West will help block the afternoon sun. Plants also cool breezes as they pass through the foliage, similar to the effects of evaporative cooling.”


You can buy expensive appliances to cool your house – but sometimes it can be as simple as recognising and encouraging the principles of good design combined with environmental excellence.

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