10 Foods That Should Avoid The Microwave

burning-microwave-300x199Microwaves are great for quickly cooking or reheating food.  Unfortunately, not everything cooks well in them.  Here are some examples of foods that don’t microwave well.

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1. Hard boiled eggs: as the eggs heat up the water in them turns to steam, but with no place to go, they’ll explode all over the microwave.

2. Chillies: the chillies themselves will be fine, but you won’t.  The chillies will release their spicy chemicals into the air, burning your eyes and throat.

3. Chips: hot chips will just turn into soggy fingers of disappointment.

4. Grapes: like eggs, grapes will explode if you microwave them, and then turn into a glowing ball of flame.  Best to avoid.

5. Pizza: alright if you cook it quickly.  A second longer though and all you have is a soggy mess.

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6. Pies: same thing with pies, unless they’re specifically meant to be microwaved you’ll just end up with a sad soggy pie

7. Sauce without a lid: unless you like cleaning microwaves a lot it’s better to use a lid

8. Anything wrapped in aluminium foil: The food will be fine, your microwave won’t – the foil will short out you microwave.

9. Butter: a second short and you have cold, hard butter, a second longer and you have a plate of melted fat.

10. Water: It’s possible to super-heat water in a microwave, heating it past the boiling point and leaving it liable to explode into steam if you disturb it.  Always leave a chopstick or similar in to help prevent this.

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