Car Insurance NZ | 2014 Award Winner

Posted by Canstar Blue January 15th 2015

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Pick a car insurance brand with the help of our customer satisfaction ratings.

Types of car insurance in New Zealand

Canstar has a long history of helping New Zealanders find the best financial products available, and our latest ratings can certainly help you do that. But before you go ‘down the road’ of taking out car insurance, it helps to understand what each type of policy covers.

  • Third Party Insurance: You’re covered if you damage someone else’s vehicle or property (or injure someone), and are afforded some legal liability protection. Some policies also include towing in the event your car isn’t drivable, and coverage in the event that an uninsured driver hits you. However, any repair costs for your vehicle will need to be shouldered by you if you were at fault. This is the cheapest type of policy you can take out.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover: This is the same kind of insurance as standard third party, with an addendum. Your car is covered for fire damage and theft. Some insurers will also cover damage caused by natural disasters.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Typically, comprehensive insurance covers all of the above and more. You’re off the hook for repair costs, even if you’re at fault. This is the most expensive type of policy you can take out.

Be sure to check out the car insurance policy you’ve chosen in detail before you commit to anything. It’s important to know exactly what you’re covered for.

AA Insurance top Car Insurance NZ Awards for fourth year running

AA Insurance: Car Insurance Award WinnersHowever, equally as important is choosing an insurer in the first place! In our latest ratings, we’ve compared some of the biggest NZ car insurers around, with AA Insurance emerging as the top pick for our award for 2014. Also rated were Vero, AMI Insurance, Westpac, State, NZI, Tower, and ASB.

Let’s take a detailed look at each five star achiever, and see how they all compare.

AA Insurance

Our award winners excelled in the areas of overall satisfaction, value for money, how quickly it responded to claims / enquiries, and the clarity of its policies. In each of these criteria, AA Insurance received five stars.


Notably, NZI received five stars for value for money, claims processing, speed of response, quality of service, clarity of policy, and communication.


Ever the plucky contender in our awards, Vero achieved five stars for value for money.

AMI Insurance

AMI Insurance finished with five stars for value for money, claims processing, speed of response, and the clarity of its policies.


State received a top rating for how easy it was to lodge a claim, and the clarity of its policies.