Coffee Shop Chains

Posted by Canstar Blue March 2nd 2015

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In the mood for a smooth flat white, or an espresso? Compare some of the best coffee shop chains with our customer satisfaction ratings.

Hollow Star Rating Hollow star ratings are awarded where brands do not receive the minimum number of responses for that criteria, however achieve at least the minimum sample required for all other criteria.

Wild Bean Achieve 2015 Coffee Shops AwardAre you a coffee nut? Chances are you’re part of the majority, as more than half of the respondents to our recent survey state they’ll go out of their way to grab a great cup of coffee. But that’s not the most interesting thing we found in these results.

The average New Zealander spends $13.67 a week on coffee. That works out to be roughly three to five takeaway coffees in total, and more than $700 in total for your yearly caffeine habit. You could easily use that money to buy a new TV, get your car services, or invest in something with roughly 40 times the strength of regular drip coffee.

What we found interesting is how younger Kiwis aren’t content with this ‘paltry’ spend.

  • Generation Y respondents spend $16.10 a week on coffee (or $837 annually).
  • Generation X spent $12.32 ($640), and
  • Baby Boomers spent 13.25 ($689).

So younger New Zealanders spend in excess of $150 or more than their elders to fund their caffeine habit each year. They’re also the most likely demographic to have had so many coffees in a day, that they’ve been unable to sleep (1 in 5 Gen Y’s).

But who can blame them, coffee is great! And nearly 2 in 5 New Zealanders cannot start their day without one.

So if you, like many of us, like to start each day with a cup of sweet caffeine, we’ve compared some of the leading coffee shop chains in the country. Wild Bean Café has once again secured the top spot in our awards: Most Satisfied Customers for the second year in a row!

One survey respondent noted, “The taste of the coffee is consistent and the staff are always friendly and quick,“ which we think is a fitting endorsement for this award winner, considering which criteria it received five star ratings for:

  • value for money,
  • customer service,
  • taste of coffee,
  • loyalty program, and
  • consistency across stores.

Additionally, other rated brands did quite well in these results.

  • For example, Muffin Break – an award winner in our Australian ratings – received five stars for customer service and its consistency across stores.
  • Mojo Café took out five stars for the taste of its, coffee, and the taste of its other drinks (e.g. ice chocolates, milkshakes, etc.).
  • American heavyweight, Starbucks, finished with top ratings for the taste of its other made drinks and its consistency across its New Zealand stores.

Columbus Coffee, Robert Harris Café, Gloria Jeans, McCafé, The Coffee Club, Coffee Culture, and Esquires Coffee House were also rated, and you can view their results – and our award winners – in the above table.