Hire Cars – 2015 Ratings

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Kiwis spoilt for choice in this year’s rental car awards

Apex & Avis: 2015 Rental Car Award WinnersLooking for a rental car for your next big trip? Two big brands excel in 2015 for customer satisfaction, according to our latest results.

In a comparison of six different brands, both Apex and Avis received our Most Satisfied Customers Award – Hire Cars, a stunning result for the two companies. That said, we feel compelled to highlight one other company, who also excelled in these results (see below):

  • Apex secured five star ratings for availability of vehicle booked, the booking process itself (whether it was online, over the phone, etc.), and transparency of costs and fees (e.g. refuelling charge).
  • Avis was a standout competitor for its customer service, availability of vehicles, and booking process.
  • Jucy followed these award winning brands with five star ratings of its own: for value for money and its transparency of costs and fees.

Thrifty, Budget, and Hertz were also rated in these results. Make sure you inspect the table above for the entire results.

Drivers are lost without their GPS when travelling

In other survey results, nearly half of the drivers who travel to foreign cities made an admission to us: they cannot navigate by car without the aid of a GPS. This percentage increased to close to 60% when we asked Generation Y drivers.

Using the GPS makes sense, given how long it can take to figure out the roads, and that your time is probably better spent eating exotic foods and taking in the sights.

Most respondents do have relaxation on their minds, too: three quarters rent cars when they’re travelling for leisure. 13% even have a little ‘vacation’ away from the ‘humdrum’ vehicle they use at home by hiring a car they’ve always dreamed of owning.

But even when drivers spend the week pampering themselves, they rarely get sloppy with their car. When we asked respondents what bad behaviours they exhibit when renting a car (e.g. smoking, eating messy food, driving on rough terrain, parking or driving badly, etc.), 81% answered “none of the above”.

Apparently, just because you’re on holidays, doesn’t mean you have to leave your manners at home.