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Smart Home Security Explained

Posted by September 18th 2020

As the smart home continues to evolve amid the soaring growth of the Internet of Things, a range of smart home security devices and systems have been arriving to market, providing householders various functions, including …

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Virtual Power Plants Explained

Posted by November 12th 2018

Virtual power plants (VPPs), also referred to as virtual power stations, may be a comparatively recent technology innovation, but their capacity to integrate small-scale generation and deliver a diversified energy supply is attracting increasing attention. The …

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P2P Electricity Trading Explained

Posted by November 2nd 2018

Peer-to-peer electricity trading brings with it the potential to allow consumers to play a more proactive role in how they consume and sell electricity.

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Fixed-Term Vs Flexible Electricity Contracts

Posted by November 12th 2018

Consumers weighing up whether to go with a fixed-term or flexible electricity contract should assess a range of factors in deciding which is the best option.

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The search for cheap power in NZ

Posted by August 30th 2018

Consumers weighing up the offers of NZ power companies should consider a range of factors in determining which plan is best suited for their usage.

Electricity options with no credit checks

Posted by November 12th 2018

A history of bad credit may lead to issues when seeking to sign up with a new electricity provider, however for consumers who have credit-related problems there are alternative options available and a number of …

How to stay cool and keep energy costs down

Posted by August 30th 2018

The warmer weather brings with it the potential for a spike in power usage, however a number of steps can be taken to keep costs down while keeping cool.

What are spot price electricity tariffs?

Posted by August 30th 2018

Whether a spot price electricity tariff is right for your household will depend upon a range of factors, with it worthwhile researching all of your options.