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washing machine and laundry

Most Energy-Efficient Washing Machines

Posted by September 2nd 2021

The cost of running household appliances quickly adds up. If you're looking to save money, or reduce your carbon footprint, taking into account the energy usage of your appliances is crucial, as the energy efficiency …

EV power plans

EV Power Plans: The Best Power Plans for Electric Vehicles

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have skyrocketed following the recent introduction of the Clean Car Discount. Canny car buyers are lining up to take advantage of the rebate scheme. In fact, according to the Ministry of …

Free power

Free Power: Contact Energy’s New Good Nights Plan

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Power prices have been on just about everybody's mind. Prices have soared, homes have been plunged into darkness and the Electrical Authority is conducting a review of the wholesale market amid claims of a lack …

hydro power dam

Why Are Power Prices so High?

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Canstar’s latest research shows Kiwis are concerned about their power bills, with the cost of power high and winter weather setting in. And Kiwis are resorting to wrapping up in extra layers as a result, …

Renewable Energy in NZ: What’s Available?

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Green power has come a long way in recent years. Increasingly, renewable energy sources are being harnessed by generators at a wider grid level. And more and more households are looking for renewable energy options. …

Electricity With No Credit Checks

Posted by September 2nd 2021

A history of bad credit can lead to issues when signing up with a new electricity provider. However, for consumers who have credit-related problems, there are ways to get electricity with no credit checks. Canstar …

Best Prepaid Electricity Providers in New Zealand

Posted by September 2nd 2021

Prepaid electricity plans may be a good option to get your power up and running quickly if you have a history of bad credit. And they can help to keep tabs on your household's ongoing …

What Power Companies Are Available in NZ?

Posted by September 2nd 2021

If you're looking around for a new power company, there's lots to weigh up before signing up. Of course, the price of a provider's electricity is a big concern, but other questions to ask yourself …