Compare Energy Plans

Compare power plans for homes with solar

Posted by December 10th 2018

More and more New Zealand households are choosing to harness the power of the sun by installing photovoltaic solar panels. Despite high installation costs, changing technology and new solar friendly electricity plans means solar is …

What are the best gas plans for big families?

Posted by December 10th 2018

Food that cooks fast, homes that heat fast and multiple hot showers without anyone running out of hot water – there are plenty of reasons why reticulated natural gas is a good idea for a …

What are the best power plans for student flats?

Posted by November 5th 2018

Flatting with a group of like-minded people can be a fun time, especially if you are all studying. With more New Zealanders choosing to continue renting, rather than owning their own home, flatting continues to …

Electricity Plan Discounts Explained

Posted by January 18th 2019

Many NZ electricity retailers are offering conditional discounts. What are these discounts and what should consumers be aware of?

How to avoid shocks when switching power companies

Posted by October 31st 2018

New Zealanders are now spoilt for choice when it comes to picking an electricity retailer, with 47 different electricity brands supplying homes. Depending on which part of the country you live, you can have a …

Smooth Payments: How to spread the cost of power bills

Posted by October 22nd 2018

Unexpectedly high power bills can be a cause of consternation and anxiety for many households. Smooth payments can be an option for Kiwi customers who think: “How can I stop my power bill from going …

Power Price Protection: Is it worth it?

Posted by October 8th 2018

If you feel like the price of electricity has been going up and up, it’s not just your imagination. Over the last 28 years, the price of power has increased 79% for Kiwi households, according …