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Canstar Blue’s Top Stories of 2021

Posted by December 23rd 2021

Tempus really does fugit. Despite the year being dragged down by the surprisingly tenacious virus, the past 12 months have been a blur of awards, ratings and great stories here at Canstar Blue. We've introduced some …

Genesis: Best Bundled Utilities Provider

Posted by January 10th 2022

Bills bills bills. They pile up and they don't stop coming. So it's easy to see the appeal of rolling your bills into one. And thankfully, you can. Well... for some of your bills anyway… Bundled …

heat pumps

Daikin: New Zealand’s Favourite Heat Pumps

Posted by January 10th 2022

The name heat pump can be a little misleading, as they are as useful in summer as they are in winter. Heat pumps can keep you toasty, or cool, all year round through both heating …

Best Router For Ultra-Fast Broadband

How to Pick the Best Router For Ultra-Fast Broadband

Posted by January 10th 2022

Recently, more and more internet providers have started offering internet at incredibly fast speeds. While most ultra-fast broadband (UFB) plans offer download/upload speeds of 100/20Mbps, some providers are offering deals with download speeds nearing 1Gbps …

Smart plugs

Smart Plugs and Powerboards: A Simple Solution to get Connected

Posted by January 10th 2022

If you're seeking a cheap and convenient way to combine new smart technologies with your household's existing appliances and lighting, it could be time to look closer to your power source. Connecting directly to a …

Power bill: how to save on electricity

How to Save on Power Now!

Posted by November 10th 2021

The electricity industry is under intense scrutiny for what appears to be a fairly blatant grab at consumers’ cash in recent years. There was last month’s Electricity Authority report that suggested householders were getting overcharged …