Compare Energy Plans

Energy Rewards on Offer in New Zealand

Posted by February 18th 2019

How does this sound – free electricity, free flights, free gifts, free fuel?! Well, you can receive all of this just by paying your power bill and here are the power companies who offer such …

Fixed-Term Electricity Contracts Explained

Posted by January 30th 2019

There’s no denying we’re all wanting cheaper electricity bills at the end of the month, well fixed-term electricity contracts could be the way to do it!

LPG plans for large family homes

Posted by January 9th 2019

If you’re reliant on LPG for your gas appliances, you’ll need to make sure you find a provider and plan that’s right for your usage needs.

Compare power plans for homes with solar

Posted by December 10th 2018

More and more New Zealand households are choosing to harness the power of the sun by installing photovoltaic solar panels. Despite high installation costs, changing technology and new solar friendly electricity plans means solar is …

What are the best gas plans for big families?

Posted by December 10th 2018

Food that cooks fast, homes that heat fast and multiple hot showers without anyone running out of hot water – there are plenty of reasons why reticulated natural gas is a good idea for a …