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Best Washing Machines: A Full Guide

Posted by April 13th 2021

No matter how many times a week you do your laundry, your washing machine plays an integral role in keeping any home moving. It’s the appliance that many of us simply can’t do without (unless …

Guide to Air Fryers: How they Work and the Best Models

Posted by April 8th 2021

Maintaining a healthy diet isn’t easy if you also enjoy snack foods. And it's unfortunate that most of our favourite foods also happen to be unhealthy choices. Think hot chips and other fried treats, which …

Autumn Tips For Lower Power Bills

Posted by March 24th 2021

Summer is drawing to a close across NZ and autumn days are setting in. Farewell sunscreen and togs. Hello woolly sweaters and hot chocolate. But with cosiness and warmth comes a noticeable increase in power …

Chill-Proof Your Home this Winter with 5 Insulation DIYs

Posted by March 16th 2021

Government stats show a third of New Zealand homes are too cold in winter. As part of a year-long survey, Stats NZ took temperature measurements in approximately 6700 homes. The top concern was that in …

Fixed-Rate Power Plans: the Pros and Cons

Posted by March 15th 2021

There’s no denying we’re all wanting cheaper electricity bills at the end of the month, well fixed-term electricity contracts could be the way to do it!

Right Oven Temperature Guide

Posted by March 11th 2021

Author: Dean Heckscher  Cooking in an oven should be a breeze. Most oven dishes need only minimum attention, leaving you time to get on with life. But despite carefully written recipes, ideal cooking temperatures can vary, …

A Guide to Solar Water Heating

Posted by February 23rd 2021

For most households, water heating makes up a significant share of electricity costs. One option to lower your power bill is to switch to a solar water heating system. However, the initial investment can be …

Inside dishwasher

Dishwasher Buying Guide

Posted by February 23rd 2021

If you’re looking to buy a new dishwasher, then make sure you consult our buying guide to learn everything you need to know before making your purchase.