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Solar Power Is it Worth it

Solar Power: Is it Worth it?

Posted by October 13th 2020

In recent years, solar power systems have become a popular option for households seeking to drive down their power bills. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It's important to weigh up a range of factors …

Blue Switching to a smaller electricity provider

Switching Electricity Companies: Big vs Small Providers

Posted by October 2nd 2020

The big electricity retailers may dominate in terms of customer numbers. But, in recent years, many smaller retailers have emerged, bringing greater diversity and choice to the market. And, if you want to make savings …

How Electricity Apps Can Help Cut Your Power Bill

Posted by September 17th 2020

Keeping regular tabs on your electricity usage is the first step to smaller bills. Knowing when and why you're burning through electricity gives you the insight to cut your bills. And, thanks to smartphones and …

Electricity Perks

Power Up with Electricity Providers’ Perks

Posted by September 1st 2020

Many electricity retailers provide extra perks on top of their standard contract offerings. Goodies range from bundle deals through to loyalty programs, free electricity slots, joining credit and even free TVs! So, if you're looking …

Money Mistakes to Avoid if You’re Moving House

Posted by August 19th 2020

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, moving house is about the planning if you want it to be stress free. If you wait until the last minute to organise your move, you’ll probably overwhelm yourself. This …

8 Ways You Can Damage A Home

Posted by August 12th 2020

It's easy to remember to vacuum the carpets and clean surfaces and windows. But even if our homes are sparkling on the surface, there can be some deeper issues we often forget to address. And …

How Much Does It Cost to Make Perfect Toast?

Posted by August 6th 2020

If you have ever looked inside your toaster and seen those glowing, hot wires, you could be forgiven for thinking making toast burns through a phenomenal amount of electricity. But the truth is … it’s …

How To Upgrade Your Home for a Healthier, Warmer Winter

Posted by July 28th 2020

There are a few simple upgrades you might want to consider if you’re looking for a warmer, healthier home over winter. Some are more expensive than others, but your health will thank you for it …