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Mercury electricity review

Energy retailer and generator Mercury provides a range of residential and business services across New Zealand, stating it’s “on a mission to help Kiwis enjoy our clean, green, renewable energy in more wonderful ways”.

The Mercury brand was launched in 2016, with Mighty River Power and Mercury Energy becoming the one brand.

“Bringing together Mighty River Power and Mercury Energy under an exciting new Mercury brand will allow us to focus on what matters most – inspiring and rewarding our customers and owners,” Mercury states.

Mercury is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange and the Australian stock exchange, with the New Zealand government holding a legislated 51 per cent shareholding in Mercury.

“Mercury is the most widely owned business in New Zealand, with core strengths in harnessing renewable energy and innovating for our customers,” Mercury states. “We’re thinking boldly about the future and how we can use energy in wonderful ways to inspire Kiwis, creating a brighter future for our country and growing value for our owners.”

Mercury states that its “generation comprises of two complementary fuel sources – hydro and geothermal”, with its generation being 100 per cent renewable.

What’s on offer from Mercury?

Mercury states that it offers different price plans to suit customer needs, with electricity and gas prices varying region by region.

“Each household and business has different needs when it comes to electricity,” Mercury states. “This is why we offer different price plans to suit your needs. Not all price plans are available in all areas.”

Consumers can search for pricing via the Mercury website, entering their address and other details, which in turn will bring up applicable rates and estimated costs, and can sign up online.

Among its offerings, Mercury provides:

  • Fixed-price plans – locking in power prices for two years
  • Right plan – making sure customers are on the most cost-effective price plan, checking energy usage every 12 months
  • Discounts – for customers who sign up to receive their bill online and pay by direct debit, Mercury will take 12 per cent off their bill each month, comprising a 10 per cent prompt payment discount, with another 2 per cent on top
  • Airpoints: Mercury has teamed up with Air New Zealand to allow customers to earn Airpoints Dollars


Mercury additionally offers a number of solar panel packages, including a solar battery storage package, available for installation for Auckland homes, with it providing “personalised quotes and a quality solar installation right through to after-sales support”, with solar buyback rates available.

Customer service

Mercury addresses a number of topics via its FAQs page, with consumers also able to use its website search function to search for specific topics. Consumers can contact Mercury by phone or email, with Mercury providing the facility to send an email message via its website.

“We’ve got dedicated teams for all your enquiries,” Mercury states. “Whether it’s about your home, your business, or your Mercury shares, we’re happy to help.”

Account management

Mercury customers can monitor and manage their account online via Mercury’s My Account, available via the Mercury website.

Via My Account, customers can:

  • Pay their bill (not available for all price plans)
  • Check their account balance and payment due date
  • Update their account details
  • Monitor their energy usage
  • Set up credit card payments (not available for half-hour metered sites)
  • Review their bills
  • Change to online billing
  • Donate to Starship


Mercury’s GEM service, accessible via My Account, meanwhile, provides customers with a range of information, including:

  • Weekly usage emails
  • Unusual usage alerts – if customers are heading for a bill that’s 30% higher than the same bill last year, Mercury will send an email
  • Energy saving tools – savings tips and detailed information on how customers are using power


Customers have a number of options when it comes to making bill payments with Mercury, comprising:

  • Direct debit
  • Online via My Account
  • Phone
  • Internet or telephone banking
  • Automatic payment
  • In person at NZ Post shops
  • Cheque via mail

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