6 steps to a smaller power bill

For purposes that are equal parts sustainability and cost efficiency, actively managing your monthly electricity bill and minimising the price you pay each month can be a rewarding experience. Here, Canstar Blue shares six easy tips for reducing your power bill.

  1. Unplug your devices

You might be surprised to learn that devices still use power even when they are switched off, in the form of ‘power stand-by’. To stop these suckers sapping electricity, ensure devices such as lamps, power chargers, whiteware, appliances and heaters are unplugged at the wall.

  1. Stop heat loss

Draughty windows and doorways are a major contributor to heat loss in the home. Keep curtains drawn at night and utilise a draught-stopping tape or door snake to keep heat from escaping. Believe it or not, proper ventilation during the daytime (opening windows and doors in the sunshine) can also help your home to stay warmer and drier for longer.

  1. Shower flow restrictors

For every individual shower, it’s thought that 20 litres of water is used every second – that’s 12,000 litres for a 10-minute shower. Adding a flow restrictor can dramatically reduce the unnecessary output of water, whilst providing a cost-efficient way to cut down on hot water use. As a bonus, installation only costs between $10 and $20.

  1. Computers, laptops and lights

Power saving 101: turn it off if you’re not using it. To go the extra mile though, why not invest in motion sensor lights? Though these might cost more upfront, they have the potential to save real money in the long-term.

  1. LED Bulbs

Once of the most efficient options when it comes to lighting; LED bulbs are thought to use 80% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb. As a bonus, manufacturers claim that LED lights last up to 15 times longer than standard bulbs, so you’re changing them less frequently too.

  1. Cold water washes

Washing your clothes in warm water uses 10-times the amount of energy as a cold-water cycle. For loads that aren’t particularly dirty, clothing can be washed just as efficiently in a cold cycle, all while eliminating the risk of damaging delicate fabrics.

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