Electricity Bundles: Why Combine Your Power and Utilities?

Electricity bundles can be a great way to save money and make managing bills easier. So, should you be bundling your power? Canstar takes a look at what you should consider, and what deals are on offer.

Bills bills bills. It’s neverending. You pay your rent and then the power comes in. You pay for the power and the broadband is due. And then you get a note saying your gas is about to be shut off and you realise you forgot to pay it last month!

It can be hard to stay on top of so many accounts and companies. So the idea of rolling it all into one can be appealing to many. And, rent aside, you can! Companies that offer electricity bundles allow you to combine your gas or broadband bill with your power. This makes for a more manageable, single, bill to be paid each month. It can also lead to savings!

So is an electricity bundle the right choice for you?

Electricity bill and light bulb: Electricity bundles

What are electricity bundles?

An electricity bundle is when a single company offers a deal to supply your power and one or more other utilities. For example, having one supplier for power, gas, and broadband, making it easier to manage your accounts and bills. With an electricity bundle, everything comes as a combined plan. Meaning if you are no longer happy with your suppliers broadband, but wanted to keep your power with them, you would have to switch to an electricity-only plan, potentially losing any savings or benefits.

Why bundle?

By bundling together your utilities, you can make it easier to manage your payments and plans. Often a single phone app can be used to track your usage and payments across all your utilities. And, you can also have just a single bill to pay, making it easier to budget.

Additionally, providers offer discounts when you bundle, leading to potential savings.

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Should I bundle my power?

Electricity bundles can be a great option. If you get overwhelmed with multiple payments and companies to deal with, leading you to rack up late fees and an unfavourable credit score, bundled electricity could be right for you. It will make staying on top of your usage, and payments, much more manageable.

And if you are simply looking for a better deal on your power, broadband, or gas, it is certainly worth looking into bundled electricity plans. Not only do providers tend to offer discounts on their services when bundled, but many have sign-on promotions and deals that can add further savings.

Shop around

But, it does still pay to shop around. While you may receive a discount when combining multiple utilities with one provider, there could still be cheaper options. After all, it’s in your provider’s interest to have you signed up for as many things possible.

A discount on power is of no use if the power is still more expensive than other providers. An important thing to consider is the benefits on offer, such as Electric Kiwi’s MoveMaster plan, which offers half-priced power at night, or Contact Energy’s Good Nights Plan, which offers three hours of free power every day.

If you squeeze most of your usage into these free or discounted hours, you could be far better off. And these benefits aren’t all that is on offer. Many electricity providers offer special rates and signing on deals.

When you factor in these benefits, you may find that a cheaper hourly rate doesn’t necessarily equal a cheaper power bill. Furthermore, with many electricity bundles, you don’t actually receive any discount on power. Rather, discounts are applied to the broadband and natural gas or LPG (bottled gas) rates. So as part of your comparison, it’s worthwhile shopping around not only for your power plan, but broadband and gas, too.

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Additionally, it pays to see if the provider’s plans suit you. While it may be convenient to bundle your power and other utilities together, and potentially even cheaper, if the power plan on offer isn’t substantial enough, or the gas comes on a floating rate that causes you headaches, it may not be worth it.

And lastly, dealing with just one company is great, if your company is great, too. But if you bundle your power, gas and broadband with a provider that is notorious for poor customer service and a lack of phone or online assistance, you may end up wishing you were back dealing with three separate companies.

Electricity bundles: What’s on offer?

Below is a list of companies that offer power alongside broadband and/or gas. You can find a brief overview of the plans and discounts on offer, but for more details, be sure to visit their individual sites.

Logo of Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy

Power provider Pulse Energy is a community-owned energy company, supplying electricity, gas, solar and broadband services to households and businesses throughout NZ. Pulse Energy is a winner of Canstar Blue’s 2021 Innovation Awards, for its Pay It Forward program.

Pulse Energy offers discounts when you bundle your power and broadband or gas together. If you have your electricity with Pulse Energy, you can get receive the All Energy Discount which gives you cheaper LPG rates. Additionally, if you bundle your Power and broadband together you can get cheaper broadband rates, as seen below:

Plan Standard rate Bundled rate
Standard Fibre $96.6 $79.35
Fast Fibre $103.50 $86.25
Faster Fibre $119.60 $102.35
Max Fibre $138 $120.75
Standard (ADSL/VDSL) $96.6 $79.35

Nova Energy

Nova Energy offers three electricity bundles: Multisaver Broadband, Multisaver Natural Gas, and the TV Bundle, which provides power, broadband, and gas. Both the Multisaver Broadband and MultiSaver Natural Gas have no fixed terms or early termination fees. The TV deal is on a 24-month plan.

Multisaver Broadband

  • On the Multisaver Broadband plan, you save $20 on your chosen broadband plan ($69 for Fibre or $89 for Fibre Boost, which offers ultra-fast speeds up to 950Mbps download and up to 450Mbps upload)

Multisaver Natural Gas

  • On Multisaver Natural Gas your receive special rates on gas. The actual rates will depend on your address

TV Bundle 

  • With the TV Bundle you bundle your power, broadband, and natural gas together. You receive the same discounted broadband rates and natural gas rates as with the Multisaver bundles. On sign up you also receive a free 43″ LG TV. You can upgrade this to a 50″ version for an additional $299, or a 65″ version for an additional $799.

The model numbers for the LG TV’s are:
43 inch – 43UP7750PVB
50 inch – 50UP7750PVB
65-inch – 65UP7750PVB

contact energy logo Good Nights Plan

Contact Energy

Contact Energy offers the option to bundle your power plan with either broadband, gas, or both. With Contact Energy’s Broadband plan you can bundle Power and Broadband, or Power, Broadband and Gas (for a larger saving).

  • Power and broadband: $64.99 Fast Fibre
  • Power, broadband and gas: $59.99 Fast Fibre

With Contact Energy’s Simplicity bundle, you can bundle electricity and gas in order for a gas discount. This comes not through cheaper rates, but the removal of daily gas charges. Meaning you only pay for the gas you use. You can also add Fast Fibre broadband to the simplicity plan for $69.99 per month.


With Genesis Dual fuel you can bundle your electricity with either LPG or natural gas on the Energy Basic or Energy Plus plans. With the Energy Basic plan you receive a 5% discount on the total bill. On the Energy Plus plan, you can save up to 11% through:

  • 5% bundled discount
  • 1% eBilling discount
  • 3% 12-month, fixed-term discount
  • 1% Auto-pay: credit card discount or 2% auto-pay: direct debit discount

You can also easily forecast, monitor and compare your energy use with the Energy IQ app.



Unlike many other providers that offer discounts on broadband and gas, with Slingshot electricity bundles you receive a discount on your actual power rates. Bundle your Slingshot power and broadband together and receive 10% off your base broadband plan and 10% off your power plan. You can manage both from one mobile app, and one bill, making it easier to stay on top of your bills. Slingshot’s unlimited broadband starts from $84.95 a month, but with the 10% bundled discount it comes to $76.45.


Trust power

Trustpower offers the ability to bundle your power, gas, broadband, landline and mobile phone plan. With its Plan Builder option, you can enter your address and customise what utilities you want to bundle, including what broadband and mobile plans you want. The discounts and deals offered may vary depending on your choices.

Currently, Trustpower has two promotions for those singing up to new fixed contracts:

  • 12-month contract: $300 credit and six months of free broadband
  • 24-month contract: $300 credit and your choice of a selected Samsung product. The options include Smart TVs, refrigerators, washers and dryers, soundbars, and vacuum cleaners

mercury energy logo yellow


With Mercury, you can add piped gas to your chosen electricity plan for a 15c Dual Fuel discount and the convenience of paying one bill. Mercury also offers up to $200 joining credit for new customers.

Additional information

In order to qualify for bundle electricity, your bundled utilities must all be for one address. Meaning if you use the same provider for electricity at one address and gas at another address, you won’t receive any bundle discounts or deals. Additionally, most providers have the option to add a landline to an electricity bundle, for a small fee. For further information, and terms and conditions, be sure to visit the supplier’s website.

Compare electricity provider and bundled utilities with Canstar Blue

While bundling your home services can be convenient, just make sure you’re not paying too much for the privilege. With convenience often comes a higher price. Therefore be sure to read all critical information available – including price fact sheets – and make an informed decision. It could be that paying for your energy and broadband with separate retailers offers the best value for you. Just be sure to keep an open mind and remember that it’s in your provider’s interest to have you sign up for multiple services, not necessarily yours.

Ultimately, finding affordable power involves shopping around. And to help you find the best value electricity retailer, Canstar Blue rates NZ power companies for customer satisfaction and value for money, see the table below for some of the results, or you can click on the buttons below for the full results of our survey, and to compare bundled utility providers.

Canstar Blue’s latest review of NZ power companies compares them on customer satisfaction. The table below is an abridged version of our full results, available here.

See Our Ratings Methodology



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