Six delicious coffee recipes

Here in the Canstar Blue office, we have a number of coffee aficionados. Even a few coffee snobs! They’re not alone, of course; a reasonable 9% of our recent Canstar Blue survey respondents admitted to judging others on the type of coffee they drink. Ouch!

A number of our staff also like to cook with coffee, so here’s a selection of six awesome (as voted by our staff) coffee-based recipes to brighten up your culinary offering.

Coffee ice creamOne-step no-churn coffee ice cream

The talented Ms Nigella Lawson is almost embarrassed by how easy this recipe is; we’re almost embarrassed by how good it tastes. And really – what’s not to like about a mixture of ice cream, condensed milk, espresso liqueur and powder. It really is amazing. You can watch a video of the recipe being prepared here.

Café coffee cookies

Betty Crocker is known more for pre-made and pre-packed foods, but the Crocker website also provides some yummy recipes. These super-sized café coffee cookies are an office favourite. They’re a little more time-consuming to make than the coffee ice cream (above), but they’re worth the wait.

Of course, our staff claim that it’s the coffee flavor that makes them special, but it could also be the two cups of chocolate chunks that the recipe calls for…

The best coffee and walnut cake

The name of this recipe says it all really – and Jamie Oliver is never one to undersell a creation. It really is, though, the best coffee and walnut cake we’ve tasted. If you’re making it for a dinner party of afternoon tea though, best to try one in advance – cakes can be tricky things to bake. Plus, making one in advance gives you the opportunity to eat it…

Cappuccino pavlova

Another Nigella Lawson recipe that we just couldn’t go past – this is truly awesome! The coffee flavor works well to take the edge off what can sometimes be a sickly-sweet dessert. Give it a try! As always with pavlova recipes, they are deceptively complex, so make sure you have sufficient time and patience!

Breakfast bars

Tearing ourselves (reluctantly) away from the dessert part of the day, coffee is also a great way to start the day – even in solid form! This nut and coffee breakfast bar is an easy (and yummy) breakfast on the go. However, you might want to skip the chocolate drizzled over the top, to maintain some degree of healthiness!

Breakfast coffee cake

Coffee Cake

The name of this recipe is a misnomer – there’s nothing healthy about it, so it’s not really a “breakfast” food as such. Nevertheless, it tastes good and has a great combination of sweet and tanginess.

There are plenty of other coffee recipes out there – these are just the ones that caught the eye 9and tastebuds) of the Canstar Blue team.  What are some of your favourite coffee recipes?

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