New Zealander’s 5 Favourite Takeaways

As a nation there’s no doubt that we love our takeaway – according to the Statistics NZ Consumers Price Index review, takeaway and ready-to-eat food is a fast-growing area of expenditure. So what takeaway food do we like to eat? Each year Canstar Blue survey the takeaway food habits of Kiwis, this year surveying 1,475 hungry New Zealanders across various regions and demographics. Fish and chips, burgers, pizza and Chinese are all popular takeaway options.


Pizza takeaway

Overall, Kiwis love the convenience factor of pizza, with 42% of the survey respondents admitting that they sometimes choose pizza over other fast food options because they deliver. There’s a lot to be said for online shopping at home! An impressive 42% of respondents are loyal customers, saying that they choose the same pizza flavour every time. And 26% would rather order pizza than go out for dinner. For a whopping 26% of our survey respondents, pizza is their favourite takeaway food. You can view more details of our pizza customer satisfaction research here.

Fish and Chips

A solid 70% of our survey respondents also like eating fish and chips, with the percentages varying across the regions, from a low of 58% in Otago to 82% of those in Canterbury. It’s an easy meal with no washing up – what’s not to like?


Chinese cuisine is also popular, with 52% of Canstar Blue survey respondents having a taste for it. It appears that Chinese food is an older person’s food though, appealing to more Baby Boomers (57%) than Gen Y (46%).


Woman eating burger

Burgers are the ultimate on-the-go package of calories, and around half (52%) of our survey respondents eat them.  In terms of generational appeal, burgers are almost the opposite of Chinese food, with 60% and 57% of Gen Ys and Xs respectively including burgers in their diets, compared to just 44% of Baby Boomers.


Indian is the next most popular takeaway food nominated by the Canstar Blue survey respondents, with 42% being partial to it. Interestingly, while the taste for Indian food was fairly consistent across both the regions and demographics surveyed, it’s a cuisine that appealed to more of our female respondents at 45%, than our male respondents (38%).

Every year, we query New Zealanders to see what they think about some of their favourite products. One of those is takeaway pizza stores – check out the 2015 results here.

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