One simple tip for a healthier lifestyle

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Want one tip that will finally put you on the path to good health? A tip that will give you clarity and direction in what you need to do to begin creating new, healthy habits and achieving optimal health?

When it comes to healthy eating there are countless theories, tools and techniques for people to try. So many that it can become very overwhelming and leaves one feeling so confused and stressed that you don’t begin at all, writes Olivia Budgen.

It’s like when you’re trying to tick things off your to-do list during the day. When you’re trying to do and think about 10 things at once and you’re getting pulled in all directions so that at the end of the day you don’t really achieve anything.

Me? I like to keep things super simple. Keeping things simple has been a stepping stone for my success in achieving and maintaining an amazing level of health.

It’s the same with trying to eat healthy. Instead of focusing on 10 different things you need to be doing, I find focusing on one thing helps you to stay clear-minded and inspired. Then once you start experiencing the benefits from that one practice you feel motivated and find it easier to incorporate another one, and so on.

Use this one tip as a starting point, as a foundation for your journey towards a healthier life.


Most people focus on things they shouldn’t be eating – the processed sugar and chocolate or their favourite afternoon pick-me-up of a coffee and donut. This is one way of going about eating better, but I find it gets people in a negative head space because they are constantly thinking of foods they shouldn’t eat and feeling down because they can’t have them.

Also, what do humans naturally think when told they can’t have something? “I want it!” Then when you can have a chocolate bar or that McDonald’s burger your inner voice pops up and starts saying things like “see, you can’t do this – you’re not disciplined enough – you’ll never lose weight etc”. You beat yourself up, a war starts in your mind and it becomes a vicious circle which is hard to escape.

Nobody wants that. So let’s skip it altogether!

What you’ll find is by adding in and eating more of the fresh, healthy foods, you will no longer desire unhealthy foods. They will naturally fall to the wayside. This is because the healthy foods eliminate waste and create a beautiful alkaline environment in your body. Your cells then respond positively and you begin experiencing the benefits, including having more energy, losing weight and feeling happier. You naturally want more of what makes you feel good and you’ll gear towards these foods.

The more healthy foods you consume, the less cravings you’ll have for unhealthy foods. Try this:

  • Drinking a glass of water before your cup of coffee or sugary beverage.
  • Grab a green smoothie or juice before you eat your morning pastry.
  • Eat your favourite fruit before consuming your afternoon pick-me-up snack.
  • Eat a large salad before your lunch and dinner.
  • Make a big bowl of steamed or baked vegetables to have alongside your dinner.

So, take it one step at a time, focus on what you can add in, and before you know it, you’ll be experiencing the benefits of eating a diet consisting of more healthy foods than you’ve ever eaten.

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