7 reasons why you don’t need a personal trainer

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Although it would make life easier if we all had a mini Michelle Bridges in our back pocket, sometimes it’s not that easy to get our hands on a PT, writes Ellie McInerney.

If you find yourself sweating over the dos and don’ts of working out, take a breather. Here at Canstar Blue we’ve got your back, so you can push, pull and even pirouette without the need for a PT. Squat on with these tips:

  • Get Down

Pick a catchy song then hit up YouTube for some choreography. Choose a routine then set a timeframe to learn the entire sequence (e.g. one week = 5 x 30 minute sessions). Once you’ve nailed the routine press repeat and start again with a new song.

  • Running Clubs

Who wants one PT when you can have ten? Running clubs are like little posses of supporters, check out meetup.com for free social running clubs and make friends while you get fit.

  • Pick an Event

It doesn’t matter if it’s the City to Surf or the end of year Christmas Party, pick an event where you’d like to feel your best then start training for it.

  • HIIT up the Local Park

High Intensity Interval Training is the most effective way to get fit fast.
4 x 20 minutes a week doing sprint intervals – it’s simple training that guarantees results.

  • Be Your Own Personal Trainer

You don’t need a PT to make you work hard, if you really want to get fit then be your own cheerleader. Go crazy with kindness and praise yourself with every little step.

  • Blog about your burpees

Get others involved in your fitness journey by blogging about it. Sharing your story is a fun way to track your progress while inspiring others; it’s also great for discovering new workouts.


  • Get crunching (of the eating variety!)

Sure, sit-ups will tone your tum but a smarter way to get fit is to focus on your food. Did you know you burn more calories eating unprocessed foods than processed? Leave the sugar in the supermarket so you can really kick some goals.

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