A clean bathroom in just five minutes!

5 minute cleanWithout any prior research, I have decided to have a little fun with my Friday afternoon article. I’ve been assigned the rather novel topic of ‘how to quickly clean your bathroom’, which is something we all dread.

But it’s all good and well for me to objectively and coolly write something, when in fact the circumstances you’d be under to need to clean your bathroom so quickly is likely to be somewhat urgent. With that in mind, I shall start the clock, and endeavour to write the following within a five minute timeframe.


Okay, here’s what I leaned from working in a supermarket – handle the biggest problem areas first, and work your way down to the smallest problems last. Basic advice, but at least that way, you tend to make the biggest impact in the shortest time possible. So, what are guests likely to see when they walk in?

The bathroom mirror

Shine that bad boy with some window cleaner!

The sink

Shine that bad boy with some surface cleaner! Also, dry it off, in case guests handle anything that’s touched the surface.

The floor

Get some hot water, vinegar / bleach, and a mop. Quickly make hay and mop that sucker up – any spot you can reach. Afterwards, find a towel on its last legs and dry the floor beneath you (remember to wash it later).

The smell

Something to mask the odours would be nice. Air freshener is best, but failing that, herbs from the garden hidden in a cupboard, or deodorant in a pinch (not the best option) or a lemon, cut in half.

The mess

Laundry, towels on the floor, anything that screams ‘CLUTTER’, you want to chuck into a laundry basket or suitcase (worst case scenario) and take it into the garage. Go go go!

Okay, what’s left?

Mildew on the shower curtains? Take them down for a couple of hours. If time allows, put them in a tub out of sight, soak them in vinegar for a couple of hours to freshen them up. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair gel? All of it can be thrown in a cupboard! Keep the soap out, and make sure it’s not…


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