The best new Netflix shows in 2016

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The success of Netflix has been built on the foundation of a vast, diverse range of TV shows and movies, which ensures the video streaming service offers something entertaining for just about everyone.

Whether it’s third-party content or the increasing number of Netflix original shows (some of which have won prestigious awards), the company is constantly updating its content library to bring you the latest and greatest excuses to spend your Friday night curled up on the couch. We’ve taken a look at Netflix’s recent releases to give you an idea of what’s to come in 2016.

House of Cards

The political drama that took the world by storm, House of Cards returns for a fourth season on March 4. One of the first Netflix Originals to garner significant critical praise, House of Cards stars Kevin Spacey as ambitious US politician Frank Underwood, a man driven in the pursuit of power by a combination of vengeance and idealism. The show was the first online-only TV series to gather multiple Emmy award nominations, eventually winning several along with a Golden Globe award for best actor for Spacey. Now into its fourth (and potentially final) season, this is one Netflix show that cannot be missed.


A brand new series starring comedy stalwart Will Arnett, Flaked tells the story of California resident Chip, whose carefully constructed image and lifestyle begins to unravel once he becomes involved in a love triangle with his best friend’s girl. Arnett stars in other Netflix shows Bojack Horseman and revived cult comedy Arrested Development, meaning it’s a good bet that Flaked will turn out to be just as entertaining as the rest when it premieres on March 11.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This quirky comedy about an ex-cult member who begins a new life in New York City was one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2015, picking up an Emmy award nomination in its first season. The program stars Ellie Kemper of 30 Rock fame, and it’s bound to provide quality entertainment in its second season which starts on April 16.

Orange is the New Black

This darkly comic drama centred on a women’s prison in upstate New York has become the most-watched Netflix series of all. Another Netflix Original to score multiple Emmy award nominations, it has become popular for its depictions of the failings of the US prison system, as well as the fascinating characters that protagonist Piper (Taylor Schilling) interacts with. Orange is the New Black opens for its fourth season on June 17 and there are no doubt millions of people around the world who will be counting down the days.


A brand new Netflix exclusive which premieres on February 19, Love is a dramatic comedy series directed by Judd Apatow which focuses on the excitement and pitfalls of modern-day intimacy and commitment. Starring Paul Rust as Gus and Gillian Jacobs as his polar opposite Mickey, the show follows the pair who meet by accident and begin to forge new paths following their own break-ups. With the impressive track record of Netflix produced shows so far, Love could well be the perfect show to find yourself binge-watching over a weekend.

Of course, the best thing about Netflix is that it doesn’t matter if you’re not up to date with a show – you can just go back and watch it.

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