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Many of us have come to rely on our phones, but it’s not always cheap to stay connected. To help those on a budget, Canstar Blue has compiled a list of the most affordable mobile plans from New Zealand’s major telco’s.

Keep in mind, the cheaper the deal, the less you will receive. If you’re a heavy phone user, you will be better off signing up to a more expensive mobile plan with extra calls and data.


2degrees was Canstar Blue’s 2016 winner for most satisfied customers – mobile plan providers. It has on offer five mobile plans and two data only plans.

It’s cheapest mobile plan costs $29.95/month and comes with:

  • 1GB data
  • 300 Minutes of calls (NZ & Aus)
  • Unlimited text (NZ & Aus)

If you find you don’t make calls and mostly use online messaging apps, 2degrees also offer a 1GB data pack for $20.95/month.

All 2degrees pay monthly plans include carryover minutes and data. Being that these are small packages, customers need to be careful not to exceed their limits. Charges for excess data are 20c/MB and for calls, 69c/minute.


Spark rated 4 stars in Canstar Blue’s 2016 ratings and was the highest rated for its network coverage. The cheapest spark phone plan is on an open term for $39.99/month. It includes:

  • 1GB of data
  • 300 minutes of calls (NZ only)
  • Unlimited texts (NZ only)

There are a couple of additional perks for signing up to this plan including access to 1GB of free Wi-Fi per day from Sparks 1,000+ Wi-Fi zones, as well as access to special offers, experiences and movie tickets through Spark Thanks.

Additional charges for excess data are 30c/MB, and for excess calls, 69c/minute.


Vodafone offers an impressive range of mobile phone plans, its cheapest being it’s ‘Advantage Lite’ deal. This package costs $39.99/month and is offered for the same price on either an open term, or 24 month contract. Advantage Lite includes:

  • 1GB of data
  • 300 minutes of calls (NZ & Aus)
  • Unlimited texts (NZ & Aus)

Those that sign up to this plan on a 24 month contract receive a few additional benefits, including free weekend calling to Vodafone NZ customers, $5 daily roaming and access to Vodafone’s 4G Supernet.

Excess call charges are 79c/minute. If the data limited is exceeded, customers are redirected to a page where they can purchase data packages of 100MB for $6, 500MB for $12 or 1GB for $20.

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