Vodafone launches new flexible prepaid plan

Vodafone NZ has launched a new prepaid mobile offering that it says gives users even more freedom.

With My Flex Prepay, Vodafone customers are given the flexibility to adjust the amount of data, minutes and texts they want.

“Imagine if you could create a mobile plan perfectly suited to your needs, with bundles of data, TXT and minutes that you could change to fit your lifestyle as often as you top up,” Vodafone stated in a media release. “Vodafone’s My Flex Prepay gives Kiwis the freedom to do just that.”

Customers can dial up or down the amount of data, texts and minutes on their Prepay plan, depending on how they like to keep in touch with their friends and family, or what’s going on in their lives.

The move to a fully flexible Prepay plan puts customers into the driver’s seat to manage their mobile use and spending, Vodafone says.

Vodafone Consumer Director Matt Williams said My Flex Prepay is based on exactly what customers have asked for – a plan they can design, personalise and control themselves.

“We don’t all fit into a neat and tidy box when it comes to how we use our phones. Some of us prefer to TXT rather than call, while others spend most of their phone time using apps like YouTube, Snapchat, Viber and Facebook Messenger,” he said.

“With My Flex Prepay, your phone plan can be tailor-made to match your needs. And most importantly, it can be adjusted with a simple swipe of a button if those needs change.”

Using MyVodafone (the Vodafone mobile app), customers can easily change the individual amounts of texts, minutes and data on their plan, or choose from pre-set favourite combos offering some of the best-ever value available on Prepay.

“Kiwis are telling us that when it comes to their phone plans, value and flexibility are most important to them. Not everyone wants to be locked in to a traditional mobile plan, and that called for a whole new look at how we structured our Prepay offering,” added Mr Williams.

“We tested the water with Vodafone Mates, our first fully flexible Prepay plan which launched in August this year. Mates has been received really strongly and we are excited about building on this and offering a flexible plan with more data and minutes than ever before.

“My Flex Prepay gives all customers the freedom to pay for what they want, and less of what they don’t.”

My Flex Prepay details

  • Vodafone My Flex Prepay includes a total of 216 combinations of data, minutes and TXT to suit all budgets ranging from $11 to $47 for up to 3.5GB, 500mins and unlimited TXT
  • Customers also have the choice of two pre-set configurations including:
  • A Kiwi Favourite $19: 250MB and 50 mins more than the Carry Over $19 plan
  • Big Data Bundle $28: 500MB more than the Carry Over $29 plan
  • All My Flex Prepay combinations and the favourite combos sit conveniently on one SIM.
  • If customers sign up before January 31 2017, they have the opportunity to receive launch pricing for the life of their plan.

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