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Smartwatches are becoming ever more prevalent and increasingly popular, with massive hardware companies like Apple, Samsung and LG all jumping onto the bandwagon. Software companies are likewise ramping up their support for these pieces of wearable tech, meaning that as 2016 dawns there are more watch-optimised apps than ever before.

Whether it’s Apple’s Watch OS, Android Wear or the proprietary operating systems of Microsoft or Garmin, there are a variety of programs you can download. Personalised watch faces, maps, messaging, music controls, even fitness – there’s something for everyone. We’ve compiled a handful of our favourite smartwatch apps to give you a taste of what’s possible with such a device strapped to your wrist.


The music streaming service that started it all, Spotify supports both Android Wear and Apple Watch OS. You can play, pause and scroll through all of your favourite music right there on your watch without needing to reach for your phone – perfect when you’re listening on a crowded train or if you’re out for a run.


One of the most popular exercise tracking apps, Runtastic uses the GPS in your phone to map your runs, time you, give you splits and track your progress. Downloading the app onto your watch as well makes it far more convenient to check your time and location in the middle of a run, bike ride or whatever you may be doing – it’s one of the quintessential uses that smart watches were made for.


Ingress is an incredibly clever game which uses real-world locations as part of a gigantic online game. By exploring the real world, you can find useful objects and allies within the game to help you complete tasks. Ingress is perfectly good on your phone, but adding it to your smart watch takes the immersion to the next level.

Different watch faces

There are heaps of applications out there, some for free, which allow you to choose from countless different clock faces for your new watch. Always wanted to look at your wrist and see a Rolex dial? Now you can. Fancy an ‘80s Casio digital watch on your wrist? Done. Apps such as Facer, WatchMaker and countless more can offer you pretty much all the customisation you could possibly dream of.

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