Spark vs 2 degrees: Phone plans compared


Two of the most popular mobile service providers in New Zealand, Spark and 2degrees compete on just about everything – from mobile and broadband subscribers, to customer satisfaction in our latest star ratings. Both providers offer monthly and prepay mobile plans, along with standalone mobile data subscriptions. We’ve lined up the two companies’ product ranges side by side so you can compare the two of them with ease.

Prepaid phone plans


2degrees prepay offers you a wide range of texting, calling and data packs at affordable prices, all with a one month expiry date. 2degrees offers you perks such as keeping your current number and included calls and texts to Australia, meaning you can easily keep in contact with friends and family. All 2degrees combo packs include carryover credit, meaning your unused credit rolls over when you recharge, and the top two recharges give you unlimited calls to other 2degrees mobiles. The combo packs are as follows:

Plan Talk & Text Talk & Text Carryover Combo
Price $8 $19 $19
Carryover minutes 60 200 100
Carryover texts 250 Unlimited Unlimited
Carryover data 500MB

Source: 2degress website

2degrees also offers standalone talk, text and data packs if you’re after something a little less complex. The single Text & Data pack will get you unlimited texts and 150MB of data for just $10, whilst there are several choices in the calls and data department. Check them out below:

Call packs

$6 Magic Number pack $10 International Chat Pack $12 Unlimited NZ landline pack
500 NZ minutes 300 international minutes to 20 selected countries Unlimited NZ minutes

Data packs

$6 $10 $20 $50
100MB 300MB 1GB 3GB


Spark’s range is much simpler than that of 2degrees, but also includes many more bonuses to keep you interested. Spark offers three prepaid Value Packs, all of which come with 1GB of extra data to use on social media each month, and another 1GB of Spark Wi-Fi zone access every day.

All prepaid plans give you access to Spark Thanks rewards, which includes cheap movie tickets, VIP experiences and more. The top two plans also include free access to Spotify Premium, which in itself is worth $12.99 each month, making it seriously good value. Compare Spark’s combo packs below:

Price $19 $19 $29
Calls (in NZ) 100 minutes 50 minutes 200 minutes
Texts (in NZ) Unlimited 500 Unlimited
Data 1GB 1GB 1.5GB
Spotify Premium Included Included

Source: Spark website

If you’re after a prepaid plan, the distinction is fairly clear: 2degrees offers a far greater number of packs to choose from, making it your best option for low costs and versatility; Spark, on the other hand, seems to offer better value for money due to the bigger inclusions and numerous rewards.

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Monthly plans

The contract plans from both providers follows a similar trend as their prepaid plans: 2degrees offers more options and flexibility, whilst Spark packs in plenty of value.


Just like on its prepaid plans, 2degrees lets you carry over your unused credit for the next month –except in this case, it’s valid for an entire year. Each contract is on a monthly basis, meaning you’re free to change whenever you please, and you can pair it with one of several top handsets if you choose. On the top three plans, that handset can also be upgraded at a discount every 12 months if you pay an extra $10 per month (plus a small fee at the end), which makes it good value if you enjoy the best tech.

Finally, 2degrees has a Family Share feature which allows you to share your calls, texts and data with up to three others – for an extra $25 per month. At the time of writing, the top three plans include 2GB bonus data each month for a year, as well as a $10 discount each month for the same period (we’ve included both bonuses in our table). Check out the full details of 2degrees’ plans below:

$29.95 $39.95 $49.95 $59.95 $79.95
1GB 1.5GB 4.5GB 7GB 10GB
300 minutes 400 minutes Unlimited calls Unlimited calls Unlimited calls
Unlimited texts

Source: 2 degrees website


With a choice of three open term and three 24 month contracts, Spark provides plenty of options to choose from. All plans include Spotify Premium and Lightbox subscriptions, as well as 1GB of Wi-Fi access each day and deals from the Spark Thanks program. Spark Socialiser provides 1GB extra data each month for six months to use on social networks, and you can package your plan with one of several phone handsets. Check out the full details below:

Open term

$39.99 $59.99 $79.99 $99.99
1GB 4GB 7.5GB 15GB
300 minutes (NZ only) Unlimited talk & text
Unlimited texts (NZ only)

24 month term

$99.99 $139.99 $169.99
7.5GB 15GB 20GB
Unlimited talk & text

Mobile broadband

The mobile broadband offerings from both brands aren’t nearly as comprehensive, but still give you choice enough if you require reliable internet on the move. 2degrees offers two prepaid Data Plans with data that lasts for a whole year: a 1GB pack for $20.95 or a 3GB pack for $50.95.

Spark offers a slightly larger range, with three different data plans available on either a monthly or a 24 month term; the latter gives you between $100 and $500 extra account credit, effectively giving you 3-5 months absolutely free (depending on which plan you choose). Your options are:

  • 5GB for $29.99/month
  • 3GB for $49.99/month
  • 6GB for $69.99/month

All plans come with benefits and discount items from the Spark Thanks rewards scheme, adding further value to your data purchase. Both providers sell their subscriptions with 4G connectivity, meaning you’ll get fast, reliable data speeds across the vast majority of New Zealand’s urban areas.

Overall, both providers offer a comprehensive range of products in the prepaid, contract and mobile broadband segments. 2degrees tends to offer a greater number of plans and different options, but Spark counters this with better value credit inclusions and the addition of great bonuses such as entertainment subscriptions and rewards. Ultimately the choice is yours.

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