About Midas Car Service

With a strong presence on the North Island, and a growing number of locations in the South, Midas will be able to keep your car moving with their range of servicing options.

Kiwis have been leaving their cars in the capable hands of Midas mechanics since 1998 when the company first set up shop in New Zealand.

This American company started in 1956 in Macon, Georgia, and quickly became an iconic manufacturer and fitter of car mufflers. However, they didn’t start out as an automotive repair business; for a long time they just made the parts, and accredited mechanics to fit them.

It wasn’t until the late 1990s that they had their own repair shops. Once they started up their own repair shops, Midas became a destination for complete car care – a place where you can get everything done to your car.

What do they offer?

Now as a comprehensive car care specialist, Midas offer a range of servicing, repairs, and replacement parts of your car.

As far as servicing goes, Midas has six levels of care to suit your needs and budget. From a basic service, right through to dealer-specific options and care for European cars, you can get the right care and maintenance of your car.

Midas also does all kinds of general repairs including brake checks, muffler servicing, engine maintenance, and electrical testing. They are equipped to fix any problems you may have with your car, and insist they are able to communicate in a way we can all understand – even if we don’t understand anything about cars.

Midas says you can trust them to keep your vehicle in shape, and keep you informed every step of the way.

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