LCD TVs – 2012 Ratings

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New Zealand TV viewers allergic to ads

2012 Award for LCD TelevisionProving that not everybody eats up what the ‘Mad Men’ put out there, more than three quarters of New Zealand TV viewers who responded to our recent survey declared they avoided watching television ads as much as possible.

Furthermore, close to a third of our respondents went the extra digital mile and used MY SKY to record their favourite TV shows so they could fast-forward through the ads later on.

Our results also showed that two thirds of respondents did some research before purchasing a new television. Our ratings can help, comparing some of the best LCD TV brands on the market to speed up this search for high definition greatness.

For the second year in a row, Panasonic has received our most satisfied customers award for LCD televisions; coming out ahead of Samsung, Sony and LG.

Panasonic received top ratings in all our criteria, but in good news for consumers the TV award winner wasn’t the only star-studded victor:

  • Samsung received a five star rating for the performance of its TVs,
  • LG received five stars for value for money, and
  • Sony achieved five star ratings for warranty and service, as well as performance.The survey also revealed that more than a quarter of our respondents had more televisions in their house than people.While older Kiwis had the monopoly on TV ownership outweighing human occupation (36% of Baby Boomer households), the youth of the country led the charge for a different kind of TV domination. Thirty four percent of Generation Y respondents watched more content online than they do on television, and 24% used their TV for gaming more than watching TV shows or movies.Canstar Blue commissions Your Source to regularly survey 2,500 New Zealand consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from LCD television customers within the survey group – in this case, 587 people. To qualify, the customer must have purchased an LCD TV in the last two years. Brands had to have received at least 30 responses to be included.Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

    Overall customer satisfaction

    Rising to the top of the TV shopping list was Panasonic for overall customer satisfaction, earning the brand five stars. Samsung, Sony and LG all received four stars for this category.

    Value for money

    Panasonic and LG customers were most satisfied with the value for money of their LCD television, earning each brand five stars. Samsung and Sony both followed with four stars.

    Performance (i.e. functionality, picture and sound quality)

    Better picture and sound can deliver the cinema experience in a big way, helping to bring any movie or TV show to life (even the dull ones). Panasonic, Samsung and Sony all delivered in the performance department, achieving five star ratings all around; with LG following with four.

    Ease of use (i.e. easy to understand remote and tuning)

    TVs come packed with features nowadays, but eager viewers won’t know that if they don’t understand how to use them! Five stars went to Panasonic for the usability of its televisions, followed by four star recipient Samsung. Both Sony and LG received three star ratings.

    Warranty and service

    Given the amount of time New Zealanders spend watching their favourite TV shows, it can be a great comfort knowing there’s a backup in case some goes wrong. Sony and Panasonic shared five star ratings for LCD television warranty and service, with Samsung and LG following close behind with four.