Coffee Shop Chains – 2013 Ratings

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More money or your morning caffeine hit? Two in five choose cash over coffee

Most Satisfied Customers - Coffee Shop Chains - 2013Buying a couple of coffees a day can take its toll on the average bank account, and two in five of the respondents to our recent coffee shop chain survey claimed they have made an effort to restrict their ‘café coffee habit’ purely to save money. Generation X were particularly feeling the pinch, with 50% cutting back their coffee purchases for financial reasons.

It’s easy to see why: more than a quarter of coffee shop chain customers admitted to drinking three or more coffees every day (28%). Results also showed that more men felt the urge for regular caffeine hits each day when compared to women (35% versus 22%).

Customers weren’t picky about where they got their coffees from either: only one in five were loyal to a single coffee shop chain.

If you’re on the lookout for a cup of coffee to start your day, our customer satisfaction ratings will help point you in the right direction. Coffee Culture was awarded our 2013 most satisfied customers award for coffee shop chains. They also received five star ratings for service, ambience/atmosphere, and the taste of their coffee.

Other brands rated were:

    • Muffin Break, a five star recipient for its loyalty program,
    • Starbucks, a five star achiever for its range of menu options and consistency across multiple stores,
    • McCafé, who received five stars for value for money,
    • Mojo Café,
    • Coffee Club, and
    • Esquires Coffee House.

Canstar Blue commissions Your Source to regularly survey 2,500 New Zealand consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from those within the survey group who have visited a coffee shop chain in the last 6 months – in this case, 1,596 people. Brands must have received at least 30 responses to be included.

Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction

Coffee Culture was awarded five stars for overall customer satisfaction in these results. Next in line were four star recipients Mojo Café, Muffin Break and Starbucks; then McCafé, Coffee Club and Esquires Coffee House with three.

Value for money

Five stars went to McCafé for customer satisfaction in the area of value for money. Kudos were also in order for Muffin Break for its four star rating in this area; followed by three star recipients Coffee Culture, Mojo Café, Coffee Club and Esquires Coffee House; then Starbucks with two.


When you’re trying to get the right start to your day, a generous caffeine hit and good customer service from your coffee shop chain can really lift your mood. Coffee Culture was at the top of its game in this regard, having received five stars for service. Mojo Café, Muffin Break, Starbucks and Coffee Club all received four star ratings for service, and McCafé and Esquires Coffee House both received three.

Range of menu options available

Starbucks customers were the most satisfied with the range of menu options available in the store,. and received five stars. They were followed by Coffee Culture, Muffin Break, Starbucks and Coffee Club with four stars; then Mojo Café, McCafé and Esquires Coffee House with three.

Ambience and atmosphere

Looking to relax over a latte and a biscuit, or maybe just catch up with friends over an espresso? A good place to unwind might be your local Coffee Culture, who received five stars for the ambience and atmosphere of its coffee shops. Mojo Café and Starbucks both achieved four star ratings, followed by Muffin Break, Coffee Club and Esquires Coffee House with three. McCafé received two stars for ambience.

Taste of coffee

Achieving five stars for the taste of its coffee was Coffee Culture, followed by four star recipients Mojo Café and Starbucks; then three star recipients Muffin Break, McCafé, Coffee Club and Esquires Coffee House.

Loyalty program

Being rewarded for regular patronage to a coffee shop can influence how loyal customers will be. Customers of Muffin Break were most satisfied with the loyalty program available from their coffee shop chain, followed by Coffee Culture with four stars, McCafé and Coffee Club with three, and Mojo Café, Starbucks and Esquires Coffee House with two.

Consistency across stores

Many customers like to know what to expect when they grab a coffee from a coffee shop chain, and appreciate the consistency regardless of whether they’re in Dunedin or Christchurch. In that regard, Starbucks took the top rating for the consistency of their product across their New Zealand stores. Coffee Culture, Mojo Café, Muffin Break and McCafé all received four stars for consistency; followed by Coffee Club and Esquires Coffee House with three.