2018 Dual Fuel

Posted by November 14th 2019

You are viewing the archived Duel Fuel ratings. Follow the link to view the current Dual Fuel rating page.  Compare electricity and gas (dual fuel) providers Genesis Energy, Contact, Energy Online, Mercury, Nova Energy and TrustPower. We compare them on bill & cost clarity, tools &...

2018 Power Companies NZ

Posted by June 18th 2019

You are viewing the archived Power Companies rating page. Follow this link to view the current Power Companies ratings.  Compare 12 leading power companies in New Zealand on their customer satisfaction. Powershop, Electric Kiwi, Energy Online, Flick Electric, Mercury Energy, Meridian Energy, Nova Energy, Pulse Energy, Contact...

2018 LPG Suppliers Compared

Posted by January 30th 2019

Compare bottled gas suppliers in New Zealand. Elgas, Genesis and Contact Energy rated on customer satisfaction in Canstar Blue’s 2018 review.Show Important Notes^*Hide Important Notes^** Overall satisfaction is an individual rating and not a combined total of all ratings. By default, brands with equal overall...