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What is New World’s Reward Card?

Grocery shopping is expensive. Therefore, it’s crucial to save wherever possible. New World’s Clubcard offers an easy way to shop for bargains. Canstar Blue explores the rewards offered by New World’s Clubcard and whether it’s worth your time.

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What is Clubcard?

Clubcard is a loyalty program offered by the supermarket chain New World. It allows customers to earn either Flybuys, New World Dollars or Airpoints Dollars when shopping instore and online.

Clubcard members are eligible for exclusive ‘Club Deal’ discounts on New World products. By scanning your Clubcard, you can also gain automatic entry into any New World competition linked to that purchase.

How do I earn points?

When you sign up to Clubcard, you are able to select whether you’d prefer to earn Flybuys or Airpoints.

The main way for Clubcard members to earn points is by scanning their card at New World checkouts when making a purchase. Alternatively, members can link their Clubcard to their online shopping account if they aren’t shopping instore.

What are Flybuys?

When shopping at New World, you’ll receive one Flybuys point for every $25 you spend in a single transaction.

If you’re already a Flybuys member, note that the Flybuys number on your Clubcard won’t match your Flybuys card number. Nevertheless, both cards will accrue Flybuys points into the same account, provided you’ve signed up with your current Flybuys membership number. You can easily track the points earned on each card in your points summary.

If you opt to earn Flybuys points with your Clubcard, you can use it at any Flybuys retailer in New Zealand. Conversely, you can scan your existing Flybuys card (different to your Clubcard) at New World to earn Flybuys points. However, bear in mind that you won’t benefit from additional Clubcard perks such as exclusive Club Deal discounts and automatic entry into prize draws.

What are New World Dollars?

New World Dollars are like real dollars that are loaded onto your Clubcard. You can spend your New World dollars as full or partial payment on your groceries exclusively at any New World, in-store or online. One New World Dollar is equivalent to NZ$1 when used in-store or online at New World.

If you’re a member earning Flybuys points, you have the option to start earning New World Dollars instead. For every 28 Flybuys points you earn, you’ll receive 5 New World Dollars. These New World Dollars can be spent either in-store or online at New World. If you decide to switch to earning New World Dollars, any Flybuys points you already have will remain as Flybuys Points. Occasionally, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange your Flybuys Points for either New World Dollars or New World Gift Cards.

What are Airpoint Dollars?

You can earn Airpoints Dollars using your Clubcard at any New World or Liquorland store. However, if you use your Airpoints membership card (which is different from your Clubcard) at New World, you can still earn Airpoints Dollars, but won’t receive additional benefits like Club Deal savings. Every $25 spent at a New World or Liquorland store will earn $0.185 Airpoints Dollars.

Unlike Flybuys, you cannot convert Airpoint Dollars to New World Dollars.

What are the benefits of New World’s Clubcard?

1. Point options

Unlike Woolworths’ Everyday Rewards, Clubcard members have multiple options for earning points. For instance, a frequent traveller might opt for Airpoints to upgrade their seat or secure discounted flights, while someone with a large family may prefer to earn Flybuys or New World Dollars to save on in-store purchases.

2. Automatic discounts

When you scan your Clubcard at a checkout, any qualifying Club Deals will automatically be applied to your purchase, making saving money easy.

3. Free to join

Clubcard is free to join. There are no card or membership fees (or any hidden costs) when signing up for Clubcard, even if you’re you’re joining the Flybuys or Airpoints program for the first time.

What are the downsides of New World’s Clubcard?

1. Point limit

The maximum amount of New World Dollars permitted on a Clubcard is 2000. If you exceed this limit, you will be unable to earn any additional points until the existing ones are spent or expire.

2. Points expire

Unfortunately, all points earned with New World’s Clubcard do expire eventually. These expiry dates vary depending on the type of points you earn:

  • New World Dollars: two years from the most recent addition to the card
  • Flybuys: three years from issue
  • Airpoints: between four and five years from issue

3. Multiple cards

While your Clubcard can be used to earn Aipoints and Flybuys (and vice versa), you will not be eligible for Club Deals when using your Airpoints or Flybuys card in store. You’ll likely be issued an Airpoints or Flybuys card when you first sign up to either of those programs. This means you’ll end up with a Clubcard and the original Airpoints or Flybuys card.

How to sign up to Clubcard

To become a Clubcard member, visit the Clubcard website join and fill out the registration form. After completing the process, you’ll have a Clubcard account. You’ll receive an email containing your Clubcard number and barcode, which you can use immediately. Additionally, you can opt to have a physical Clubcard mailed to your address. For added convenience, download the New World app and input your Clubcard number to have your digital Clubcard accessible on your phone.

Alternatively, you can sign up by calling the Clubcard helpline on 0800 80 70 70.

You’ll have to decide between Flybuys or Airpoints as your reward option, and you can either connect an existing account or set up a new one.

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