Review of Skinny broadband plans

Choosing a broadband plan is often neither fun nor interesting, but it doesn’t have to always be this way. Skinny Mobile offers both mobile phone plans and broadband plans. In fact, Skinny achieved five-stars for overall satisfaction in the prepaid phone segment. While its broadband plans are less of a focus, it still offers a range of interesting broadband plans as a good alternative to the bigger Kiwi providers. So let’s get the skinny on Skinny’s broadband plans and see whether you can trim the fat with a new plan.

Skinny Broadband Internet Plans

Connection Type Data Included Price from Per Month
Wireless 4G 40GB $40
100GB $52
ADSL, VDSL and Fibre Unlimited $58*
Unlimited data, no-contract $68

*Introductory price

As you can see, Skinny offers an incredibly concise range of plans, with two of them using 4G wireless internet, and one being fixed-line.

  • Wireless internet can be had nearly anywhere and is on the Spark network
  • ADSL, VDSL and fibre connections are heavily location-dependent with those in metro areas benefiting most from high-speed fibre connections. All connections are the same price.
  • Fixed plans come with a 24-month contract, with the fixed plans introduced at $58 a month for the first year, while the second-year price is $88 a month
  • The no-contract option incurs a $49 set-up fee

Skinny claims to offer “broadband at skinny prices”, and this certainly rings true with its low-cost for unlimited data. Beyond “skinny prices”, Skinny also has a couple of extra tidbits that are noteworthy:

  • “Superfast” Huawei modem available for $99, with the wireless one boasting 4G speeds
  • Plug-and-play usability with set-up completion in five minutes or less
  • 30-day money back guarantee for network performance

With Skinny’s broadband plans pretty well skimmed across, let’s see how they compare to other providers.

How does Skinny broadband internet compare to other providers?


(Naked Internet or Homeline)

Price Per Month From

(Unlimited data)

Skinny $58*
2 Degrees $59*
Flip $69
Slingshot $79.95
Orcon $90
Vodafone $90.99
Spark $94.99

*Introductory prices

As you can see, Skinny offers one of the cheapest broadband plans in the country. However, you must keep in mind that this is an introductory offer for the first year only. In the second year of your contract you’ll be paying near $90 a month, which puts it on par with the heavy hitters Orcon, Vodafone and Spark.

While Skinny is cheaper over the first year, you must keep in mind that these bigger providers offer a lot more extra perks and bonuses:

  • Spark offers serious extra perks like free Netflix for a year, as well as Lightbox subscriptions
  • Orcon offers free Apple TV on plans over $90 a month, as well as a $135 plan in which you get an Xbox One S
  • Vodafone has a free Neon subscription, $300 joining credit and optional Sky cable TV packs
  • Slingshot offers a free Google Chromecast streaming dongle on fibre plans over $79.95 a month

Skinny lacks a lot of extra freebies in this regard, which may make or break a plan for some users. Other plans also come with competitive home phone calling bundles, of which Skinny also seems to lack. However, if it’s just straightforward broadband you want then Skinny does work out to be one of the cheaper providers, with an average monthly price over two years of $73 a month.

This average monthly price falls behind another small provider – Flip. Another provider to look out for is MyRepublic, which offers an unlimited plan under $50 a month for the first year (which then reverts to nearly $100 a month for the second year). If it’s no-frills broadband you want then Skinny does offer a few great plans.

Is a Skinny broadband plan worth the money?

Skinny offers a pretty cheap introductory price to its unlimited internet, but many users may be turned off by its second-year price that isn’t that much better than the bigger providers. Adding to that, the bigger providers offer a bunch more perks and bonuses to pry your dollars from your hands. With that said, if you want to do away with the gimmicks and filler and just want straight broadband – like many of us do – Skinny offers a great alternative to the big providers. For just broadband, it’s tough to see past Skinny and its no-fat broadband plans.

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