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These days, it seems that everything is linked through the internet. So to help you get connected at lightning speed, check out our ratings for things like broadband and mobile phone providers.

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Fastest Broadband in New Zealand

The spinning wheel of death has plagued internet uses for what feels like forever. But thankfully, now that fibre internet is the new norm, the spinning wheel interrupting a streaming movie is a less common …

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Hands on keyboard overlaid with security lock icons

Password Managers: How do They Work and Should You Use One?

Keeping track of a potpourri of passwords can be tedious and time-consuming if you don’t consolidate your online activities. Many websites and apps require you to create an account, meaning you may have numerous login …

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Top streaming shows NZ

Netflix to Neon: the Top Streaming Shows in NZ

Streaming services have taken over and where once Netflix stood alone, countless more have joined. Disney+, Neon, Prime Video, HBO Max or even TVNZ on Demand (to name a few) have all become strong competitors, …

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Nintendo Switch OLED: Couple playing switch

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED Model

In October this year, Nintendo released an updated version of its massively popular Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch OLED. As the name suggests, it features a stunning 7” OLED screen, bringing games to life …

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Best Router For Ultra-Fast Broadband

How to Pick the Best Router For Ultra-Fast Broadband

Recently, more and more internet providers have started offering internet at incredibly fast speeds. While most ultra-fast broadband (UFB) plans offer download/upload speeds of 100/20Mbps, some providers are offering deals with download speeds nearing 1Gbps …

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