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These days, it seems that everything is linked through the internet. So to help you get connected at lightning speed, check out our ratings for things like broadband and mobile phone providers.

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cloud storage: laptop

Cloud storage: How to Choose a Service That Is Right for You

If you’re looking for a versatile storage option for your documents, media and other assorted data, it could be time to take it to the cloud. Cloud storage platforms store your data online (in the …

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Apple Music vs. Spotify: People streaming music on phone

Apple Music vs Spotify: Should You Make the Switch?

Streaming has revolutionised the way we consume music. Millions of artists are at our fingertips, allowing us to explore and discover new music without the financial commitment. Gone are the days of having to pay …

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Top streaming shows NZ

Netflix to Neon: the Top Streaming Shows in NZ

Streaming services have taken over and where once Netflix stood alone, countless more have joined. Disney+, Neon, Prime Video, HBO Max or even TVNZ on Demand (to name a few) have all become strong competitors, …

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smart lighting

Getting Started with Smart Lighting: What are Your Options?

Smart light bulbs can be a great asset in your home. They provide the convenience of remote and automated control, allow for customisation of lighting set-ups, and can help drive down your electricity bills. However, …

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Best Broadband Plans to Keep Up with your Gaming Needs

If you’re serious about online gaming, you’ll need a broadband plan that provides for a stable, speedy and ultimately smooth-flowing experience. These days there are fibre plans aplenty to sift through. However it’s important to …

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