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These days, it seems that everything is linked through the internet. So to help you get connected at lightning speed, check out our ratings for things like broadband and mobile phone providers.

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How to Get Free Neflix, Spotify & Amazon Prime

Okay, let’s start this story with an old chestnut: there’s no such thing as a free lunch … or free Netflix, Spotify or any other streaming service. No telco is going to give away valuable …

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How to Cut Your Mobile Data Usage

Getting the most out of your smartphone usually means burning through a heap of mobile data. If you’re not on the right plan, it could end up costing you. But before considering a new mobile …

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NZ’s Favourite Streaming Services

If you’re into streaming and have never heard of JustWatch, here’s a quick heads-up. JustWatch is a streaming guide that collates all the big players, meaning you don’t have to individually access each streaming service …

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Vodafone Rewards: What’s the Deal?

Are you a Vodafone customer with an eye for a deal? If so, it could be worthwhile keeping tabs on the freebies available under the Vodafone Rewards loyalty program. From discounted movies, to early concert …

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Skinny Mobile Review

Skinny Mobile is a division of Spark New Zealand. Think of Skinny as a no-frills version of Spark mobile. It runs over Spark’s 4G and 5G network, so it has great coverage. But instead of …

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