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These days, it seems that everything is linked through the internet. So to help you get connected at lightning speed, check out our ratings for things like broadband and mobile phone providers.

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Top streaming shows NZ

Netflix to Neon: Top Streaming Shows in NZ

Streaming TV services have taken over. Where once Netflix stood alone, countless more have joined. Apple TV+, Disney+, Neon, Prime Video, and even TVNZ+ have all become strong competitors, fighting for a share of our …

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people on phones cheapest shared data plans

Cheapest Shared Endless Data Plans in NZ

If each person in your household has a separate endless data mobile plan, you could all be overpaying. By bundling the plans together on a group shared endless data plan under one provider, you could …

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Best Endless Data Phone Plans.

Best Endless Data Mobile Plans

Sure, unlimited talk and text is all well and good (if pretty standard), but these days data is the real deal-breaker. Whether you’re video calling or streaming, Googling, TikToking, gaming or simply social-media scrolling, you …

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Rocket Mobile Delivering Cut-price Unlimited Data

What is Rocket Mobile?
Rocket Mobile is a new brand in the NZ telco market that started life as mobile phone plans provided by the former broadband provider MyRepublic, which was bought out by 2degrees earlier …

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Streaming Services in New Zealand

Netflix and Bill: Comparing the Costs of Streaming Services in New Zealand

Remember the good old days before unlimited broadband and streaming TV services? If you wanted to watch films, sports, trashy US reality TV or a good comedy, there was only one option. A satellite dish, …

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