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About Samsung Washing Machines

More synonymous with mobile phones than washing machines, Samsung have fared quite well in our 2015 washing machines customer satisfaction survey. They are high up in the ranks of innovative and high-tech products that make life a little bit easier

A brief history of the company

Starting out in 1938 as a small food export business in Korea, Samsung has evolved to become one of the biggest electronics companies in the world and has a wide profile of products.

After food exporting, Samsung moved into the insurance business in the 50s, and then into amusement park operations in the 60s, before finally developing electronics in the 1970s.

Through the 1990s Samsung boomed, despite challenges that faced high-tech companies. They even survived the 1997 recession that effected many Korean businesses.

They have responded to the digital age by developing advanced technologies, and putting them into the products that so many Kiwis love to use.

The Product Range

Far more than your standard washing machine, Samsung washers have a lot to offer consumers. They scored well in our consumer survey, particularly in the value for money category, and for ease of use.

They’re easy to use, and they’re good for the wallet, but what else is in a Samsung machine that sets it apart from the competition?

Samsung washers are quiet, fast and efficient, and tackle any stain with their Bubble Wash. Like any new machines, they also use as little water and energy as possible.

Being Samsung machines, these washers are smart. They have easy troubleshooting built-in and digital inverter technology. One particular model can even be controlled through your home wifi, now isn’t that cool?

Other washing machine brands we rated

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey New Zealand consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within a survey group of people who had recently bought a washing machine.

Other brands included in this year’s survey were:

  • Fisher and Paykel
  • LG
  • Simpson
  • Haier
  • Bosch

You can view our washing machine survey results here.