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Smart Speakers: A Buyer’s Guide

Over the past few years, smart speakers have become a staple of the always switched-on home. Through voice command alone, they give you control over an ever-growing range of services.

From playing music, to accessing the …

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A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Dehumidifier For Your Home

Dehumidifiers are relatively cheap to run, easy to use, and can save you a lot of discomfort. Throughout the year, a dehumidifier can tackle mould and damp by ridding the air in your home of …

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Smart TV

The Big Picture: NZ’s Best Smart TVs

Smart TVs don’t have to break the bank. New releases catering to a range of budgets hit the store shelves regularly, including plenty of mid-range models sporting an array of smart technologies.

However, even a mid-price …

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New Zealand’s Top Television: Panasonic

Panasonic wins Canstar Blue’s award for Most Satisfied Customers | Televisions
Every day television reaches 2.4 million Kiwis, and 95% of homes have a TV set. We certainly aren’t watching as many traditional free-to-air shows around …

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For the Best Fridge, Chill With a Samsung!

These days, a refrigerator is no longer just a refrigerator. It’s amazing what a fridge can do! Features don’t stop at built-in water and ice dispensers, auto defrosting and climate monitoring settings, there are models …

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