2015 Ice Creams Reviews

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Triple scoop: Three brands achieve five-star satisfaction ratings


It’s no secret – Kiwis love their ice cream. In fact, the New Zealand Ice Cream Manufacturing Association has ranked New Zealanders amongst the biggest ice cream lovers in the world, annually consuming an average of 23 litres per capita! But who can blame us? With seemingly endless ice cream flavours and recipes on offer, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Growing health consciousness has not significantly slowed the New Zealand ice cream industry, but it is influencing the type of ice cream consumers buy. According to our own research, a third (33%) of Kiwis favour low fat ice cream alternatives, while 50% will usually check the list of ingredients and nutritional information before purchasing.

But with supermarket freezers overflowing with tasty, traditional and natural ice creams, how do you know which one to choose? Well, Canstar Blue has canvased the opinions of ice cream lovers across the country and we’re able to report that three brands have stood out from the crowd, with Rush Monros, Oob Organic and Tip Top achieving five-star ratings for overall customer satisfaction.

Ice cream satisfaction

It’s pretty obvious why Kiwis love ice cream, but what exactly are we looking for from the brand we buy? According to our research, the key drivers of customer satisfaction are:

  • Taste 40%
  • Packaging appeal 24%
  • Variety/range 20%
  • Value for money 16%

How is ice cream made?

Generally speaking, ice cream is a combination of milk, sweeteners, plant-based stablisers (usually corn syrup) and sometimes egg.

These key ingredients are whipped together in a mixing tank where the products are heated and pasturised to kill off any germs. The mix then passes through a homogeniser to break down the fats to give ice cream a smooth texture.

The mixture is then cooled to around 2 degrees and is left to partially thicken into a paste. Once the ice cream has thickened, any flavours and sweeteners are then added. The final product is then poured into tubs and stored in a freezer to harden before being shipped off to your local supermarket. Of course, this is a very general explanation and each company will have its own unique methods.

The brands we rated

Rush Munros

Rush Munros claims to be New Zealand’s oldest ice cream manufacturer, having set up shop in 1926. It produces 100% natural ice cream using real fruit and local ingredients where available. Rush Munro ice cream is also free of artificial colours and preservatives.

Oob Organic

Oob Organic is a New Zealand company that prides itself on producing healthy, organic products, including ice cream and sorbet. Oob Organic products use real fruit and are egg and gluten free.

Tip Top

Tip Top is an iconic New Zealand ice cream manufactuer that produces many Kiwi favourites, including Trumpet, Fruju, Jelly Tip, Choc Bar and, of course, the Hokey Pokey.

Much Moore

Much Moore is a family owned New Zealand ice cream company which produces a broad range of ice creams and ice blocks.


Cadbury produce a huge range of sweet treats, including a range of rich ice cream tubs, bars, cakes and sundaes.


Talleys is a New Zealand family owned and operated producer of everything from seafood to ice cream.

NZ Natural

As the name suggests, New Zealand Natural is a Kiwi premium ice cream company that produces natural ice cream which is sold across the globe.


Pams is a New Zealand based producer of a wide range of food products, including a modest range of ice cream.

Signature Range

Signature Range ice cream is the premium brand from supermarket Countdown. This range includes a number of traditional and fruity ice creams.


Kapiti offers a wide range of ice creams and sorbets. It promises rich textures, unique flavours and a perfect indulgence.

Killinchy Gold

Killinchy Gold is a premium ice cream company. It offers 17 unique flavours of ice cream and sorbets.


Movenpick produces a premium range of Swiss ice creams and claims to use only the finest ingredients with no artificial colours of flavours.

Deep South

Deep South is a New Zealand owned and operated premium ice cream producer that operates from the foothills of the Southern Alps. It produces over 40 flavours of ice cream.


Bulla is a family owned dairy company operating since 1910. It offers a large range of ice cream tubs and sticks.