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Electric Kiwi Review

Electric Kiwi describes itself as “an independent digital electricity company”, supplying electricity to residential customers around New Zealand.

Electric Kiwi took on its first customers back in December 2014, when it began utilising smart technology to deliver its services. The power company said that it noticed power was an overly complex topic for many, and saw there was an opportunity to make clever use of smart meters, which were then being rolled out across the country.

Right from the beginning, Electric Kiwi has aimed to “maximise smart technology” to offer electricity that is cheaper, smarter and easy to manage.

What’s on offer from Electric Kiwi?

Canstar Blue is well aware that Kiwis care about customer service, the ease of account management and value for money! So, let’s look into how Electric Kiwi stacks up in these areas.

Electric Kiwi’s three plans

Kiwi: Everyday great rates. No commitment is needed.

Loyal Kiwi: Minimum 12-month contract with slightly better rates. No contract or break fees.

Stay Ahead 200: Your account will automatically be topped up by $200 when you run out of credit. Each $200 top-up comes with a $20 top-up bonus to reward you for paying in advance.

Electric Kiwi guaranteed savings

Electric Kiwi guarantees you will save money with them. If after 12 months you’ve not saved money compared to your previous power company’s charges, Electric Kiwi will give you a credit to make sure you do.

Consumers interested in joining Electric Kiwi should head to their website. Enter your address to determine whether your area is serviced and, if so, the rates offered.

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Hour of Power NZ

Electric Kiwi offers its customers a daily free hour of off-peak power. You can change the timing of your hour as often as you like. The off-peak time slots are between 9am-5pm and 9pm-7am every day.

The great thing about this feature is that you can use your hour of power to run all the power-hungry devices in your home – think washing machine and dishwasher – and to take your daily shower. From Electric Kiwi’s calculations, you could save up to 15% of your power bill this way.

Electric Kiwi Pricing

You can get an instant quote for power pricing on the Electric Kiwi website by entering your address. The result will give you an exact cost per kWh and fixed cost per day, within a matter of seconds! Rates will vary, depending on the area you live.

Electric Kiwi lists additional fees in a simple, easy-to-understand form on its website. Some of these costs include smart-meter reconnection, meter accuracy test, meter relocation and broken payment arrangement fees.

Electric Kiwi Customer Service

Consumers can get in touch with Electric Kiwi through its online live chat service, and by sending a message or requesting a call-back via its website. Electric Kiwi is also active on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For common queries, Electric Kiwi addresses a number of topics with its FAQs section on its website, so be sure to check there first before enquiring.

Electric Kiwi Account Management

Electric Kiwi customers can access their account online or via the Electric Kiwi app. Customers can update their billing cycle, receiving bills weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and are able to access their payments history and download any of their previous bills. Electric Kiwi customers can also view their billing and power use information right down to the half-hour.

When it comes to viewing Hour of Power savings, Electric Kiwi customers can log in to their account at any time to track savings. Customer bills show how much electricity was used during the daily Hour of Power, for the billing period.

Electric Kiwi sends all of its bills online and offers two payment methods: direct debit or manual credit and debit card payments.

Is Electric Kiwi right for me?

There are benefits to each and every power company, however, you may find there is a specific one that suits your lifestyle. Electric Kiwi works on a no-contract basis, has no sign-up fees or break fees, and states that it takes only a few minutes to sign-up online.

A unique feature that Electric Kiwi brings to the table is its free hour of power. As well as this, Electric Kiwi guarantees a saving when you switch to them. If you feel as though you could benefit from the free hour of power, making use of the potential 15% saving each week, then Electric Kiwi could be an option for you!

You should always compare features and providers before signing up for an electricity plan. Fortunately, Canstar Blue rates power companies on a range of features, including customer satisfaction and value for money. Click below to see how Electric Kiwi performs.

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