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Whether you’re looking for an electricity or gas supplier, comparing energy providers can be a time-consuming process. This is why we have sourced the information you need to help you make your decision. Start comparing electricity and gas suppliers with our customer satisfaction ratings.

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Electricity With No Credit Checks

A history of bad credit can lead to issues when signing up with a new electricity provider. However, for consumers who have credit-related problems, there are ways to get electricity with no credit checks. Canstar …

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Flick Electric Co: New Zealand's Favourite Electricity Provider

Flick Electric Co: New Zealand’s Favourite Electricity Provider

Winter is here, and so too are higher power bills. Shorter days mean lights stay on for longer. Colder nights mean electric blankets and heaters are brought out of storage. And the winter chills mean …

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Best Kmart Heaters For Winter

Best Kmart Heaters For Winter

Author: Megan Birot

What heaters does Kmart sell?
Kmart stocks a small, budget range of electric heaters, all priced $85 and under. The range includes oil heaters, radiant heaters, ceramic heaters, and fan heaters − sold under …

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clothes in a clothes dryer

Most Energy-Efficient Clothes Dryers

The cost of running household appliances quickly adds up. If you’re looking to save money, or reduce your carbon footprint, taking into account the energy usage of your appliances is crucial, as the energy efficiency …

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Canstar Reveals New Zealand's Best Bottled and Natural Gas Suppliers

Canstar Blue Reveals New Zealand’s Best Bottled and Natural Gas Suppliers

Electricity may be the most popular choice for heating and cooking, but gas still has a place at the heart of many homes. Many Kiwis still love the power, flexibility and affordability of gas, whether …

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