Flick Electric Co Review

Flick Electric Co is a proudly independent power company based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington). Founded in 2014 by six Wellingtonians, the company says they’re built on the bones of fairness, honesty and transparency.

Flick Electric Co was the winner of Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award | Electricity Providers 2020.

What’s on offer from Flick Electric?

From starting out breaking ground by offering wholesale prices directly to New Zealanders, Flick now offers three plan options, with no fixed-term contracts or exit fees:

Off Peak

Shift your power usage to cheaper, off-peak times and save between 24-60%. Off-peak times: 9am-5pm and 9pm-7am and all weekends.


Pay a simple, fixed rate all day and night. Ideal if you tend to use most of your power during peak times (7am-9am and 5pm-9pm) or you’d find it hard to shift your usage to take advantage of off-peak pricing.


Pay the real-time, wholesale price of power. Access wholesale electricity, monitor prices on the Flick app and use your power when it costs you less, with no lock-ins or exit fees.

Flick App

Use Flick’s app to monitor prices, manage your usage, and keep an eye on the carbon emissions generated from your household’s electricity use. And if you’re a grid-tied solar user, Flick’s on your side, too – sell your solar back to the grid through their Home Generation scheme.

Paying your bills

Flick offers different options for billing: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You can choose to pay your exact bill amount, or open Volt and pay a regular amount. By paying a little more than your normal bill amount, you’ll build up a stash of cash that you can then use to automatically knock the top off a higher than normal bill.

Customer service

Flick provides information on its services and pricing on its website, addressing different topics on its questions page. Consumers can get in touch with Flick via phone and email; there is also the option of submitting a contact form via the website.

Flick is also active on social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Control of your account

Flick customers can log in to their online account through the Flick website and can access a statement showing a breakdown of their electricity usage, costs and any other fees and charges, along with their invoices. Customers can also view bill amounts in the Flick app.

Flick offers flexible billing so you can choose whether to be billed weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Customers can pay bills via direct debit, either from a bank account or credit card. Know that there is no joining fee.

You should always compare features and providers before signing up for an electricity plan. Fortunately, Canstar Blue rates power companies on a range of features, including customer satisfaction and value for money. Click below to see how Flick performs.

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