Pulse Energy review

Community-owned electricity and gas retailer Pulse Energy “promises refreshing, straightforward, peace-of-mind electricity supply”, with Pulse providing services for residential and business customers.

After a takeover by majority shareholder Buller Electricity and Pioneer Energy, Pulse was delisted from the NZX in 2016, with Pulse now community owned, with origins in Alexandra, Westport and Levin.

Pulse services the whole of New Zealand, and states that being independent enables it “to purchase the best-priced generation on the market and pass the benefits onto our customers”.

“At Pulse we believe in transparency, and that includes being honest and open about our pricing and offering product choices tailored to meet all customers’ requirements,” Pulse states. “For example, at Pulse we don’t increase our prices so that we can give a prompt payment discount. We prefer to offer the best price we can from the start.”

What’s on offer from Pulse Energy?

Pulse Energy states of its Freedom Plan that it “has a low price, price protection and additional discount options”.

“Our Freedom Plan has a competitive price,” Pulse states. “We do not have a prompt payment discount as we have already built this into our pricing. On our Freedom Plan, we simply offer you a great price upfront.”

Under the Freedom Plan, Pulse states that it has price protection on the energy rate for three years from the date that a customer switches to Pulse (delivery and retailer charges are not subject to the price protection).

Additionally, for customers who decide to leave Pulse, they can freely terminate with no charge by providing Pulse with 30 days notice.

“We will flow through the network services charges for the entire time you are a customer with us,” Pulse states. “Your network services charges appear on your bill so you can see exactly what you are paying for.”

Consumers interested in joining Pulse can do so online, entering their details and selecting their plan option, or by calling Pulse.

“Our friendly team will take care of the switching process making sure there is no hassle for you,” Pulse states. “We do not need to turn off your electricity as part of the switching process.”

Customer service

Pulse provides a range of information on its different services via its website, with its frequently asked questions page addressing a variety of topics.

Consumers can contact Pulse by phone and email, and also have the option of submitting a contact form via the Pulse website.

“At Pulse Energy, we are dedicated to looking after our customers and providing the best service we can,” Pulse states.

Account management

Pulse’s My Account service provides for customers to access their account via the Pulse website, with Pulse stating that it allows “customers to keep track of their power bills and make payments online”.

Via My Account, customers can:

  • View their account balance
  • Pay their account online
  • View their bills
  • Retrieve, forward or print the bills they want
  • Contact Pulse with any questions they may have about their account


Pulse’s account payment options comprise via:

  • Direct debit
  • My Account
  • SmoothPay – spreading electricity payments evenly throughout the year, so customers pay the same amount for their power bill each month
  • In person at an NZ Post shop
  • Automatic fixed payment – paying a fixed amount by setting up a monthly automatic bank payment
  • Internet banking
  • Credit card
  • BNZ branch – making a deposit into Pulse’s bank account
  • Telephone banking

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