Slingshot Review

With Slingshot power, you can add electricity to a broadband plan and reap the rewards: save 10% off your base broadband and 10% off power plans each bill.

Slingshot power doesn’t tie you in to any long contracts. If you’re unhappy with Slingshot power, you can leave with no exit penalty.


Choosing your power user type with Slingshot

There are two types of plan available to Kiwi households: Standard User or Low User. Under either you’ll be billed both a daily rate, and a usage rate per kWh (kilowatt-hour) unit of electricity consumed.

To be classified as a standard user, you must use more than 8000 kWh per year at your home if you live in the North Island, or more than 9000 kWh if you live down the bottom of the South Island, where winters are colder.

  • Standard user plans: higher daily charge and a lower variable electricity usage charge
  • Low user plans: lower daily charge and a higher variable electricity usage charge

While most Kiwi homes are standard electricity users, rather than low, it’s worth understanding the difference between the two. For if you are a low user, you could save considerably on your power bill. Low-user plans are ideal for people who use gas for their hot water, cooking and heating their homes.


Customer service

Slingshot provides a range of information on its different services via its website, with plenty of helpful FAQs addressing a variety of topics.

Live chat is available from 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursday. There’s an online help section, phone number and email to call with any questions.

Account management

You can choose to pay your bill weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. You can even pick the day of the week you pay your Slingshot bill on a weekly or fortnightly cycle, which is really handy for making sure your bill is paid just after pay day, not just before it. You can login to ‘My Slingshot’ to manage all aspects of your account.

You should always compare features and providers before signing up for an electricity plan. Fortunately, Canstar Blue rates power companies on a range of features, including customer satisfaction and value for money. Click below to see how Slingshot performs.

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