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2Degrees Broadband Plans Review

If you think your existing internet plan is a bit cold for value, have you considered warming up with 2Degrees? You won’t need to put up with two degrees of separation for long, as you can see what’s on offer from 2Degrees in this review by Canstar Blue. If you want superfast internet speeds, you’ll be keen to learn what’s on offer.

2Degrees claims to reach 97.5 per cent of the New Zealand population, so you’ll never be out of coverage for long with its mobile plans. But let’s see if its broadband plans also cut the mustard.

2Degrees Internet Plans

Data Allowance Price Per Month
80GB $75
Unlimited data $85

Source: 2Degrees website

As you can see, 2Degrees does not have an extensive range of internet plans, which could be both a good and bad thing. It’s fantastic for plan clarity and the ability for 2Degrees to offer a concentrated approach, but it’s bad for Kiwis who can’t see themselves using as little as 80GB or as much as unlimited data. The same price goes for all available broadband connections, from ADSL right through to Gigatown speeds.

  • If you sign up for a long-term plan you’ll get a discounted or free wireless router
  • If you’re a 2Degrees mobile customer you can get $10 off your broadband plan
  • 100/20 fibre plans get the same treatment, but 200/20 or 900/400 fibre plans can be added on sign-up for an additional fee
  • Type in your address on the 2Degrees site to see what’s available at your place
  • Open term contracts attract the biggest set-up fees: $165 for the modem if you don’t BYO, a $99 connection fee and $15 shipping
  • Home phone packs are available from $15 a month and include unlimited calls around NZ and Australia
  • A home phone handset itself is $89 but is optional

While there’s only a concise range of plans to pick from, when you break it down and consider all the connection types and speeds on offer, you realise that 2Degrees has something to offer for everyone. Evidently those in Dunedin are getting the best speeds for the price, while those unable to connect to either fibre or Gigatown speeds draw the short straw a bit. Nevertheless, let’s see how 2Degrees compares to the competition.

How does 2Degrees compare to the competition?

So how cheap really is 2Degrees? Once you line it up alongside other NZ broadband providers, you see you might actually be getting a great deal:


(Naked Internet – no Homeline)

Price Per Month From

(Unlimited data)

2 Degrees $85
Flip $69
Skinny $73
Slingshot $84.95
Spark $94.99
Vodafone $79.99
Orcon $84.95
TrustPower $89

Overall, as you can see, 2Degrees compares very well to the main competition in New Zealand. Its flexibility in terms of contracts, home phone packs, and modem fees makes it a worthwhile consideration the next time you’re shopping around for a broadband plan. However, where 2Degrees comes up a bit short is the fact that you pay hefty upfront fees if you opt for an open term contract. You can waiver these by going long-term.

  • Flip, for example, offers its price with no conditions, but you will only be able to get either ADSL or VDSL – no Gigatown or fibre connections here!
  • It may be well worth hunting around for a smaller provider such as newcomer MyRepublic, which offers unlimited data from as little as around $75 a month

For a telco with seemingly little to offer, when you break it down, 2Degrees has something to offer for nearly every Kiwi!

Is a 2 Degrees internet plan good value?

We suspect the best value with a 2Degrees plan is found through those living in Dunedin, who have access to ‘Gigatown’ gigabit speeds. Other Kiwis may draw the short straw a bit, as they are offered no discounts – prices are uniform across all connection types. 2Degrees appears as one of the cheapest of the big providers to offer unlimited data. However, in regards to extra stuff, 2Degrees is arguably nothing special and you might find more included perks elsewhere, such as free Netflix and Lightbox. Although, 2Degrees offers discounts to mobile customers and competitive wireless router prices. As far as straightforward broadband with mobile discounts go, 2Degrees is a provider worth considering.

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