Review of MyRepublic broadband plans

In an increasingly crowded segment, broadband providers have had to outdo each other to catch the customers’ eyes. This is good news for Kiwis, who are afforded unprecedented choice, and are no longer stuck with just two or three providers. There are about ten or so ‘mainstream’ providers out there all jostling for your money, and each one has something different to offer. From free PlayStations to TVs to Netflix subscriptions, NZ providers are forever throwing in more stuff. However, relatively new provider largely does away with this, instead just offering solid prices on a lot of its plans.

Originally from Singapore, MyRepublic is an upstart provider now servicing both New Zealand and Australia, and has shaken up the traditional providers in the broadband landscape. What’s all the fuss about? Let’s find out.

MyRepublic Internet Plans NZ

Connection What’s Included Price From Per Month
VDSL Unlimited data $49.99*
Fibre Unlimited data, 100Mbps downloads $49.99*
Unlimited data, 950Mbps downloads $64.99*
“Gamer Ultra” , unlimited data, 12 or 24 month contract $134.99
“Gamer Pro”, unlimited data, PS4 or PS4 pro 144.99
“Gig City” unlimited data $49.99*
“Gig City Gamer” $104.99

*Six-month introductory offers

As you can see, MyRepublic immediately stands out for offering unlimited data on a few of its plans for less than $50 a month. However, keep in mind that these prices are for the first six months of your 24 month contract. The following 18 months are billed at $99.99 per month. Customers in compatible areas also get access to gigabit internet speeds for about $15 extra per month, while those in ‘Gig City’ – Dunedin – get access to gigabit speeds at no extra cost. Other deals you can expect with MyRepublic are:

  • ‘Gamer’ plans: Prioritised traffic for better ping scores, which can result in less lag and a better gaming experience. Gigabit speeds.
  • PS4 included with Gamer Ultra plans, with the Pro plan coming with a PS4 Pro
  • Free installation and a ‘Hub+’ router on many plans
  • Free three months internet security on many plans for all your devices

For renters and students there are also plans to be had from about $80 a month, with the set-up fee waived, with free installation and free moves on a no-contract basis. You also get a free loan router.

Beyond these plans, customers can also add on a homeline plan from $10 a month, which includes:

  • Unlimited local calls
  • 500 free minutes to national landlines per month, 10c/minute thereafter
  • NZ Mobiles 10c/minute
  • International rates from 2c/minute

You also get free number porting, along with voicemail and caller ID among other nifty features.

If you’re a gamer, a renter or just someone who wants straightforward broadband with cheap home phone calls then MyRepublic represents a solid alternative to the big guys.

How does MyRepublic internet compare to the competition?


(Naked Internet or Homeline)

Price Per Month From

(Unlimited data)

MyRepublic $49.99*
Vodafone $90.99
Skinny $58*
2 Degrees $59*
TrustPower $59*
Flip $69
Slingshot $79.95
Orcon $90
Spark $94.99

*Promotional price only

As you can see, MyRepublic is at face-value the cheapest provider among the main competition. Unlimited data for under $50?! Chalk that up as a win. However, keep in mind that prices revert to just under $100 a month for the following 18 months.

  • Other promotional-price providers Skinny, TrustPower and 2Degrees also have similar propositions but their promotional periods are for a year, as opposed to just six months.

Beyond that, it’s evident that MyRepublic also dabbles in ‘free’ stuff with an included PS4 in some of its ‘gamer’ plans; however you should keep in mind that these plans are over $100 a month. Other bonuses from providers include:

  • Slingshot offers free Google Chromecast with many plans
  • Spark offers included Lightbox and Netflix subscriptions with many of its plans
  • Orcon offers similarly-priced plans as MyRepublic with Xbox One as the feature console instead of a PS4. It also offers free Apple TV on many plans.
  • Vodafone offers $300 joining credit and a free NEON video-on-demand for a year
  • TrustPower offers a free Samsung TV if you bundle your broadband plan with an energy plan, with screen size dependent on what broadband plan you choose

In fact you’ll find that despite promotional prices, prices per month are very similar among providers across the board. Where they all differ is what extras they chuck in on top of the broadband plan that might entice you to choose one provider over another.

Is MyRepublic broadband good value?

This depends. MyRepublic offers a great array of plans that can prioritise traffic and lower ping rates, and for renters come with no contract and easy portability. Beyond that, MyRepublic stands out for its cheap introductory offers sub-$50 a month. However, you only have to wait six months into your two year plan to pay nearly $100 a month, which is higher than many of the main providers – Spark, Orcon and Vodafone. For people who want no-bull broadband, MyRepublic largely does the job, but keep in mind you likely pay more than the big providers on some of its plans after six months. The promotional price is alluring, but you’ll have to take into account the overall cost of your plan over two years.

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