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Skinny Broadband Review

Here’s the skinny on Skinny’s broadband options to see whether you could trim the fat with a new plan.


Skinny Mobile offers both mobile phone plans and broadband plans. In fact, Skinny is Canstar’s 2020 award winner for Most Satisfied Customers | Mobile Prepaid Plans. While Skinny’s perhaps best known for its no-frills prepaid plans, it offers a great range of broadband plans across wireless and unlimited fibre, including an ultra-fast 900mbps/500mbps option:

Wireless Plans:

60GB Plan


120GB Plan


Uncapped Plan


All of Skinny’s plans require the use of a Skinny modem, which costs $99. The modem is provided free if you sign up for a 12-month unlimited fibre plan. Skinny Wireless 4G Broadband plans use Spark’s 4G network. So you can expect a solid broadband connection that’s similar to a 4G connection. That means the speed on your connection should be higher than ADSL broadband but generally slower than fibre.

Unlimited Plans:

$73/month – 30mbps/10mbps

$78/month – 100mbps/20mbps

$88/month – 200mbps/20mbps

$98/month – 900mbps/500mbps

All the above plans offer a Skinny Smart Modem for free on a 12-month contract. Otherwise you’ll need to purchase one for $99 and pay a $49 connection fee. You can’t use your own modem on Skinny unlimited plans.

How does Skinny broadband compare?

The following table is a comparison of standard 12-month broadband plans from NZ providers. All plans are for 100mbps/20mbps with no home phone line. Unless indicated as an extra, all include a router, although a $15 one-off delivery fee can apply.

NB: Most deals include early termination fees, should you break your contract early.

Broadband provider

Unlimited Broadband Deal
$ Per Month











Stuff Fibre





$85 (+$120 router)

Nova Energy









$94 (2-year contract)

* $15 one-off modem delivery fee / **Only available as part of a power bundle (Prices correct as of 29/06/21)

What’s the deal with Skinny broadband?

Skinny has a couple of extra tidbits that are noteworthy:

  • Their most expensive plan, Unlimited Fibre Ultra, offers eyewatering speeds at an impressive price point $98/month
  • 30-day money back guarantee for network performance
  • The flexibility of not having to opt for a fixed 12-month contract

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