Spark Broadband Review

Spark is New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and digital services company. Recognised primarily by Kiwis for its phone plans, Spark also offers home broadband options. We break them down below.


Spark offers a range of fixed and wireless unlimited broadband plans that charge you according to your usage:

4G Wireless Plan

  • Low: Up to 60GB – $65/month
  • Medium: 60GB – 120GB- $75/month
  • High: From 120GB – $85/month

Unplan Fibre 100mbps/20mbps

  • Low: Up to 60GB – $70/month
  • Medium: 60GB-120GB – $80/month
  • High: From 120GB – $90/month

Unplan Fibre 900mbps/400mbps

  • Low: Up to 60GB – $90/month
  • Medium: 60GB-120GB – $100/month
  • High: From 120GB – $110/month


  • Add Netflix Standard (HD) to your plan for $10 per month (Netfix Premium Ultra $15 per month)
  • Add Neon to your plan for $9.95 per month
  • Add Spark Sport to your plan for $24.99 per month

How does Spark broadband compare?

The following table is a comparison of standard 12-month broadband plans from NZ providers. All plans are for 100mbps/20mbps plans with no home phone line. Unless indicated as an extra, all include a router, although a $15 one-off delivery fee can apply.

NB: Most deals include early termination fees, should you break your contract early.

Broadband provider

Unlimited Broadband Deal
$ Per Month











Stuff Fibre





$85 (+$120 router)

Nova Energy









$94 (2-year contract)

* $15 one-off modem delivery fee / **Only available as part of a power bundle (Prices correct as of 29/06/21)

What’s the deal with Spark broadband?

With Spark’s Flexible Broadband, you pay less when you use less. However, if you’re a family that streams a lot you are pretty much going to be stuck on the highest tariff setting each month.

Spark is one of the more expensive broadband providers and doesn’t provide phone bundles. However, if you are a Netflix and Neon subscriber, you can save by adding those to your plan.

Spark Sport subscribers also get a $5 monthly credit applied to their bill.

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