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Kogan Mobile Review

If you’ve heard of Kogan Mobile and wondered whether it’s any good, Canstar Blue has all you need to know about Kogan Mobile’s prepaid deals.

Kogan is a huge company over the ditch in Australia. It was founded by entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan 25 years ago, selling own-brand electrical goods. Since then it’s grown into a huge company, selling a wide range of products on its NZ and OZ websites. Along the way it bought the Dick Smith brand, and branched out into offering phone plans and insurance.

Recently, here in Aotearoa, it snapped up home-grown retailer However, despite its size, the Kogan Mobile brand is still a small player here in NZ. But it’s deserving of greater attention, because if you’re after a cheap, no-frills phone deal, Kogan Mobile’s pre-paid deals are some of the cheapest around.

What phone plans does Kogan Mobile offer?

Kogan keeps it simple with just three pre-paid phone plans: Small, Medium and Large. And just two pre-paid periods: 30 Days and 365 Days.

30-Day Plans


  • Cost: $15
  • Data Allowance: 1.5GB
  • Unlimited calls & texts to NZ and OZ


  • Cost: $25
  • Data Allowance: 4GB
  • Unlimited calls & texts to NZ and OZ


  • Cost: $35
  • Data Allowance: 15GB
  • Unlimited calls & texts to NZ and OZ

365-Day Plans


  • Cost: $160 ($13.34 per month)
  • Data Allowance: 1.5GB per 30 days
  • Unlimited calls & texts to NZ and OZ


  • Cost: $250 ($20.84 per month)
  • Data Allowance: 4GB per 30 days
  • Unlimited calls & texts to NZ and OZ


  • Cost: $330 ($27.50 per month)
  • Data Allowance: 15GB per 30 days
  • Unlimited calls & texts to NZ and OZ

As you can see there are considerable savings to be had if you sign up for a year-long deal. However, there are a couple of things to consider before signing up to Kogan’s 365-day plans:

  • You’ll need to pay the entire cost upfront
  • If you cancel your 365-day plan at any time, you will forfeit all of your unused credit

Top-ups and extras

When you sign up for Kogan Mobile, you have to first order a sim card for $5. However, this sim card comes pre loaded with one of Kogans 15GB large plans. Meaning you essentially get the sim card for free, along with a $30 discount!

Are Kogan’s pre-paid plans value for money?

The simple answer to this is yes. Compared to prepaid offerings from the major telcos, all of Kogan’s plans stand out as being excellent value for money, while its Small plan goes a step further, as the cheapest unlimited texts and calls plan in the country.

Simply put, based purely on price, no other telco has prepaid plans that compete with what’s offered by Kogan Mobile. It’s simply the cheapest in the market!

Of course, you have to consider other benefits. Kogan is a no-frills provider while other Telcos have benefits such as free Spotify, free data hours, socialiser data, and even just the benefit of offering pay monthly plans. Plus the fact that many other providers have a physical presence which can be a great help.

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