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MyRepublic Mobile Review

If you’ve heard of MyRepublic’s mobile plans and wondered whether they’re any good, Canstar Blue has all you need to know about MyRepublic’s prepaid deals.

As the first internet provider in NZ to launch 100mbps/20mbps unlimited data broadband plans, MyRepublic is a big name in ultra-fast broadband. Its Fibre Pro plans deliver crazy-fast internet, up to 4000Mbps/4000Mbps.

Now, however, it’s bringing its unlimited data deals to mobile. MyRepublic has just one mobile plan, but it is one that promises truly endless mobile data, unhindered by data caps. But there is a catch…

What phone plans does MyRepublic Mobile offer?

MyRepublic’s plan offers unlimited data without caps. So, unlike most endless data plans, which reduce your data speeds (typically to a measly 1.2mbps) once you hit a set data cap (such as 12GB, 50GB or 100GB), MyRepublic will never reduce your speeds.

However, the catch is that MyRepublic limits your initial speeds, to begin with.


  • Cost: $40
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited with speeds capped at 10mbps
  • Unlimited calls & texts to NZ and OZ
  • Hotspotting: 20GB of hotspotting data (10mbps) then endless hotspotting at 1.2mbps

As you can see from the above, while most providers offer lightning-fast speeds up to a set data limit, and then significantly slow you down, MyRepublic goes for a different approach. It somewhat slows you down from the start but never cuts you to the snail pace speeds other providers do.

What that means is MyRepublic offers consistent and capable, if not unremarkable, speeds while other providers offer lightning-fast speeds that run the risk of being cut to the most basic of speeds should you exceed your limits.

Top-ups and extras

For $8 a day you can take your MyRepublic phone plan abroad with roaming supported in 106 countries.

You can also save $5/month when you bundle your phone plan with MyRepublic broadband.

Is MyRepublic’s plan value for money?

For certain users, MyRepublic’s plan provides excellent value for money. For just $40, you get capable speeds and as much data as you can use. That means you’ll be able to stream Netflix or YouTube (although not in UHD) all month long.

Compare this to other phone plans, which offer faster speeds and let you stream your Netflix at the highest resolution, but only until you hit your data cap. Then your internet will be so slow you won’t even be able to watch Netflix at any resolution! In fact, you won’t be able to do much more than a quick Google search, some Whatsapp messaging or getting directions from Google Maps.

What it really comes down to is whether you need a bucket load of data at capable speeds (which is offered by MyRepublic) or less data but lightning-fast speeds. Do you want to watch videos every day of the month, or just a few days a month, but in better quality?

Of course, you could always get a plan with endless data and lightning-quick speeds, such as those offered by Vodafone and Spark, but you’ll have to pay a lot more for it.

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