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About Oil Changers

This Kiwi company has won our customer satisfaction award for the past three years, so they must be doing something right.

Oil Changers haven’t been around for as long as some other car servicing brands in New Zealand, but their short history certainly doesn’t hinder their quality – as we can see with their continued winning streak.

The family-owned business has opened 13 locations since 2001, but since day one they say they’ve done things a little differently to their competitors.

What do they offer?

First and foremost, Oil Changers offer convenience. They say they’ll do a normal service on your car in just nine minutes, with no booking required. In the fast-paced world that we live in, it seem that Kiwis like a mechanic that can keep up with them, rather than one that puts them out.

And Oil Changers do more than it says on the tin. As well as changing your oil and other fluids, they can do warranty servicing and standard servicing – they’ll even service your European car the right way.

But the Oil Changers service doesn’t begin and end with their speed. As a courtesy, they take the time to include some nice little extras like cleaning your windows, checking your tyre pressure and lubricating your door hinges. It’s the little things that really count.

And Oil Changers insist that what they will never do is unnecessary repairs. Perhaps this is why they keep their customers so satisfied. Instead of handing over an expensive bill full of extras that your car didn’t really need, they say they only do what is necessary – and they’ll do it quickly.

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