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Omega Rental Cars is NZ’s Best Car Hire Company

Due to the huge number of tourists that usually visit New Zealand, there’s a lot of competition between hire car companies. In this year’s Canstar Blue research, ten different hire car companies were reviewed, but …

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Finding the Cheapest Petrol Near You

How many service stations are there in New Zealand? How many of the ones near you have cheap fuel?

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Oil Changers – Still NZ’s Best Car Service

How much time do you spend with your car? There are currently over 4.3 million cars on our roads. And for most of us, cars are an integral part of the family. Indeed, if you …

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New Zealanders’ Top Car Picks: Why Kiwis Love Ford & Hyundai

It’s no wonder Kiwis appreciate a good car. More than half of New Zealanders’ total travel time is spent driving. Our rates of car ownership continue to rise, with at least 70 light vehicles for …

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Canstar Blue Celebrates its 10-Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday! Canstar Blue is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. To commemorate a decade of helping Kiwi consumers make informed choices, we’re revisiting our awards and recognising some of the outstanding brands that have dominated our …

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